Saturday, January 30, 2010

She's Here . . .

Hi Everyone, I finally have a chance to blog about Elizabeth's arrival. Everything went well when they brought her over. She got out of her carrier, started exploring, never ducked under the couch or bed or ran away from me. In fact, it was the complete opposite. Elizabeth went right up to my leg and started to rub up against it several times. She looked really happy to be here, I was happy and her owners were really happy too.

Here's Elizabeth playing with one of the toys I brought her . . .

I exchanged e-mail and phone numbers with her owners, we talked for a long while, then they gave Elizabeth a big hug, we exchanged hugs and off they went...

Elizabeth still didn't run and hide. She sat for awhile looking out the window, we played a while and then

. . . to my surprise and it never even dawned on me that this would happen, but she started to look for her owners. Silly me. She started to meow and I thought she was talking to me, but she was running up the stairs, down the stairs, sniffed along the walls, ran up and down the stairs several more times, sat gazing out of the window, ran up and down again meowing . . . then I realized she was crying and missing her owners. I was felt so bad listening to her but all I could do was talk to her, pet her and give her some space. Finally, I decided to lay down and take a nap. I woke up and saw her a little more calmed down and resting on the chair next to me so I took a quick photo.

She still cried on and off after this photo and I just felt so bad for her. I was thinking that she probably thought that they abandoned her. I fed her, played with her some more and now she has finally stopped meowing and is sleeping. Whew! Let me just say this. I have the greatest utmost respect for all of you out there who are parents to both children and pets...

We'll see how it goes tomorrow, but for now I think she is settling down. They gave her a blanket (it's the blue one) so that is what she is sleeping on right now. Thank you again everyone for that great Virtual Kitty Shower! It has been a really fun day for me except for the part with Elizabeth crying, but I will let her know about her new blogging friends and the party that you all threw for her. Again, many, many thanks to all of you and I hope you all have a great weekend. :)


  1. Oh Kathy, thanks so much for the report. She is so sweet and beautiful! Actualy, I think the fact that she isn't hiding and afraid is really good. Cats hate change and even though she wasn't happy in her old home, it was familar to her so it will take her a while to figure out that she is in a better place. I am sure it was so hard to hear her crying though.

    I don't think I ever told you this, but the first day I brought LuLu in the house was crazy. She was doing fine, getting along with the dogs I had at that time, and then I made the mistake of running the vacuum cleaner and the noise scared the daylights out of her. She ran in my fireplace and climbed up inside the chimney and didn't come down for over an hour! Thank goodness there was a flue at the top of the chimney or she would have gone out onto the roof of my house! Even today, LuLu still hates the vacuum cleaner and leaves the room when I turn it on. They are such quirky little creatures.

    I hope you both get some good rest tonight. The fact that she was rubbing against your legs is good! She wil figure out that it's her new home soon. :)

  2. Hi Annie, thanks so much for the pep talk. That was scary that Lulu got so scared and ran up the chimney like that. And she stayed up there for an hour. Poor thing.

    You are right. Elizabeth is struggling with the change and like you said, although she was having problems with the other cats, it was her home for a very long time. And knowing her owners, it's so clear they they really love her so she was really cared for. I think I would be crying myself if I was suddenly somewhere different and with no familiar faces. She is really an affectionate cat. She loves to be petted and will rub up every chance she gets. I think that is a good sign too. She is so sweet and I just really love her. It was nice to watch her finally sleep restfully with her head turned cute. I wanted to run and take a photo but I didn't want to wake her up.

    Thanks again Annie for all the tips, pep talks and for this fabulous Virtual shower that you and Maria and everyone through for Elizabeth. It was such a surprise and it was so cool seeing everyone's posts. Stay warm.

  3. The virtual kitty shower was so much fun. I loved seeing all the posts in your blog roll. :)

    Here's another idea - smells are very important to cats so don't wash any of her blankets or beds for a while. That might help her start to be more relaxed. And it might be good to put a dirty t-shirt or something that you have worn recently in the pile with all her other blankets too so that your smell becomes familar to her too.

    I'm so glad to hear that she is affectionate and loves being petted. I've heard of cats hiding under beds for days when they first come home, so the fact that she is exploring your house sounds good even if she was meowing a lot.

    Keep us posted and have fun!

  4. Hi Annie, yes the shower was a lot of fun! I appreciate the additional tips. She was really sniffing a lot this afternoon. I had bought her a blanket but I decided to have her use their blanket and a bed they gave because I thought that it might be good to have something familiar to her. I think you have a great point about putting one of my T-shirts in with her blankets so it will familiarize her with me and her new home. I will try that tomorrow.

    Thanks for the additional tips Annie. I will definitely keep you all posted. Except for the crying episode I have really been having fun! I'm sure she'll be okay once she feels more at home here.

    Thanks Annie. Have a great evening!

  5. So good to check your blog and see that you wrote about her first day. It will take some time, just like for all of us when we move to a new home... a period of adjustment but, she will feel the love and that will make the adjustment easier. i can tell it will be a wonderful match. Thanks for posting.

  6. Kathy,
    Elizabeth is so adorable! I am so glad that she didn't run and hide, and I think her missing her previous owners if kind of expected in a new environment and all. I am sure you will giving her all the love and care she needs that she'll settle in nicely soon.

    Happy Sunday to you and Elizabeth.

  7. Hi Kathy and Elizabeth! Wonderful post and the photos of Elizabeth are so cute.

    I think Annie's read of the situation is very wise -- cats do seem to hate change and Elizabeth likely just needs a little time to settle into her new home. I'd be feeling the same way!

    Even when the change is ultimately for the good, it does take a bit of time to adjust. And the fact she isn't hiding from you, but is already marking you as her own (by rubbing against you) is a great sign!

    And the virtual shower WAS fun, wasn't it?

  8. Ahhh - she will settle in eventually. Any of the cats we've brought home had been in the shelter for months so they were just so happy to be in a warm (and soft - I bet those cages get tiresome after awhile) house.

    Let her tell you when she wants attention or to be left alone.

    Good luck - cats make wonderful companions!

  9. Yeah, it can break your heart when they cry like that. I agree with Annie - it is good that she is investigating and sleeping and not being a scared cat. Crying out is fine. It will take a while for her to adjust. It probably won't be that long. Did her previous owners both work and was she used to being alone during the day. She might have to adjust to that also if you are gone for a while. But I'm certain in the long run she will be so much more happier without the all the other items that were causing her stress.

    The only thing I don't like is when they cry at night. Cassie's sister - Mina - used to do that. She especially did that for a couple of nights after we returned from a trip. Fortunately Cassie doesn't do it that much. Just a bit when we return from being away.

    Keep us posted on how she behaves and I'm certain we'll have tips such as keeping items with scents.

  10. I think she will feel more at home as the days go by. She sounds like a lovely kitty, so affectionate.

    I'm sorry I missed the virtual shower for Elizabeth, but I wish you lots of happiness with your precious kitty.

  11. Hi Kathy,
    You new lil one is beautiful. I am sure with time she will come to love her new home. It was fun to see your virtual shower through other peoples blogs.

  12. Hi Kathy: Thanks for the update on you and Elizabeth. She looks a lot calmer than the first photo! You've got good advice. She will feel the love and eventually stop meowing and you and she will get a good night's sleep...Looking forward to having you document her progressions.m

  13. Aw, she is adorable tucked up sleeping with her blankie! I know she'll settle in and be happy once she gets used to being with you :) As Annie says, it's a great sign that she is comfortable enough to roam around right off the bat. Oh my heart is full reading your words, how wonderful for you both to have found each other!

  14. I hope things have been going well this first week together. It must have been very difficult to listen to her cry when you brought her home. I hope she is starting to get used to the changes in her life. I am sure your love and affection will help her to adjust and feel safe and comfortable in her new environment.

  15. Hi everyone and thank you so much for all of your comments and encouragements.

    First, I'd like to say thank you again to everyone (especially Annie, Maria and Anne) for the very special Kitty Shower and to all who left wonderful comments.

    But I have to share a bit of bad news...(at least temporarily). It seems that Elizabeth wasn’t the only one who had to struggle with the change. Poor Elizabeth cried and I suffered from an allergic reaction. Being such an affectionate cat, Elizabeth loved being around me and loves being petted. She did stop crying after the first day but I kept struggling with my allergies (watery & itchy eyes and totally congested).

    After telling her owners what was going on they came to get her. They recommended that I take some time to see my doctor/allergy specialist and when I am able to find the right medication, they can return Elizabeth.

    They tell me that Elizabeth is doing really well. Wish I could say the same about me. I was visibly really sad when they took her and they’ve been calling and checking up on me ever since and giving me reports on how Elizabeth is doing.

    I'm thinking there has to be a solution to this, so I have an appointment with an allergy specialist which I am hoping will recommend something for me. It's strange that I have had some allergies before but never anything so strong.

    Meanwhile, I have an open invitation to visit Elizabeth any time (I’m going by this weekend, yay!) and we are hopeful that I will find something that will work. Her owners are very sweet and they told me that if Elizabeth wasn't with them they would want her to be with me, so I’m very determined. So far, I’ve tried Zicam and will try Benadryl this weekend when I see her.

    I consider this a little bump in the road. I’m just so thankful that her owners are so patient and understanding.

    So these past three weeks have been quite an experience and my adoption saga continues.

    Thanks again everyone. I've been meaning to do a special post, but just couldn't bring myself to do one...

  16. Oh, Kathy how sad (and sneezy) for you. But, as you say, it is just a bump in the road.

    When I was in my 20's, I was really allergic to cats too. I had a roommate with a cat, and I had to move out because I was so allergic. Thru the years my allergies have gotten much better, and I can have kitties around without much sneezing. A little bit maybe but not bad.

    I hope you can resolve this allergic situation so Elizabeth can come home to you.

  17. Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your comments. A co-worker of mine told me the same thing about allergies, that it can change just like in your experience. I'm hoping to resolve it too. Meanwhile, I'm lucky that her owners are so cool and is allowing me to visit her until I can work it out.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a wonderful weekend!


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