Friday, October 23, 2009

PhotoHunt: Tied

I took this photo of sail boats tied to the docks in the Marina Del Rey harbor which is located along a popular beach bike path where I live.

There's a section along the path where you can stop to watch planes taking off from the airport and where you can watch sail boats going in and out of the harbor. Every time I see them, I always think about where they're flying or sailing off to and then I wonder if I would one day get to travel there too!

And for all you Parrotheads out there, here's one of my favorites . . . . (for some reason seeing sailboats always reminds me of Jimmy Buffet songs). :) Have a great weekend everyone! 19 Days to Scotland...Edited to add a Whoo hoo!

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  1. Great photo! I never realized you live in Marina Del Rey! We're practically neighbors!

  2. Hi Kathy, that's such a great shot for the theme! I never would have thought about tied up boats but it's perfect, and I love that photo with so many masts, it looks very cool.

    And Jimmy Buffett is perfect Friday afternoon/almost the weekend music. Have a good one!

  3. Cool photo, Kathy! I imagine that spot on the bike path as being a perfect place for doing some serious 'travel dreaming". Sailboats and airplanes are my husband's two passions.

    Wow, 19 days! Your trip is fast approaching. I'm so looking forward to seeing Scotland through your eyes and reading all about your adventures.

    Have a great weekend!

    p.s. Cool song. Jimmy Buffet also reminds me of being on a sailboat, drinking something really refreshing and doing absolutely nothing.

  4. Hi, Kathy. My morning run include passing a harbour as well. Sometimes it is a pain because the path crosses the locks and I can get stuck waiting up to ten minutes waiting for the boats to pass.
    My hubby is a Parrothead and always ends his guitar practice session with a Jimmy Buffet song. I'll share the video with him.
    Hope the trip planning is going well, and have a great weekend!

  5. Great take on the theme, and fabulous shot! I thought of tied ships too at first,but then found something else sooner.
    Jimmy Buffet is something, isn't he?
    Woohoo...Scotland in two weeks!
    Happy a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments . . .

    Barb, glad you liked my photo. Actually I live about 10 miles south of the Marina. I probably meant to say that I live near the Marina! Oops :) It takes me a while to ride up there from where I live. But by LA standards, I think we can still consider ourselves neighbors since anything less than 20-25 miles away is close by and we are practically bumping shoulders. Would be really cool to cross paths one day...

    Annie, I'm glad you liked my photo and theme. I had another photo in mind up until the last minute. Somehow I changed my mind and picked this photo. Maybe because it was a Friday and I wanted to sail into the weekend. :) I like all the masts too and Jimmy Buffet Friday afternoon music selection. Nice! It's a kind of a crazy loose song as far as the lyrics go but it is very relaxing and a cool song. Enjoy your weekend too! Have fun tomorrow!

    Maria, I'm glad you like my photo. Every time I see a plane take off it never fails. I always wonder where they are going? It is fun to daydream. I think that is so cool that your husband has such great passions in sailboats and airplanes! And they are travel related too. And yes, only 19 days. It's coming up so fast. I hope to be able to do the best that I can to describe what Scotland is like.... Glad you also like Jimmy. What a life to sail around free of worries and as you said enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Have a great weekend too!

    Maya, that's so cool that your morning run passes a harbor too, but it is a drag to have to wait for the passing boats. For me it would give me a welcomed breather. :) That's cool that your husband is a Parrot head. A former instructor in my gym was a full on Parrot head too. At the end of her class she would always play this song during her cool down stretches, so now every time I hear it I feel so relaxed. :) Being a big fan, I bet your husband probably already knows how to play this song, which is very cool. Have a great weekend too!

    Candi, glad you liked my theme and photo. That's so funny because I had a completely different photo and theme too but at the very last minute like a few minutes before I posted I changed my mind. I usually put photos into a folder as I find the subjects for the theme in them. And then I'll usually think of the themes at the very last minute depending on my mood. And as Annie mentioned, it went so well for a Friday afternoon. :) The boats, the ocean and Jimmy sailing off doing nothing...

    Thanks again everyone for your comments. This was a really fun theme and I enjoyed seeing what everyone did with it. Very interesting, fun and creative .... Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. Great shot of a marina. One of my favorite places is the marina near my house in Edmonds. Perfect place for a winter walk.

    I haven't listened to Buffet in ages. I had his Margaritavilla album and it is great summer listen.

    Just under three weeks! I can't wait to hear how you like Scotland. Are you ready for cold weather though?

  8. Great photo, Kathy. Somehow being near the water, photos of the water, etc. slow down my pace - it's heavenly! Have a super weekend.

  9. Great boat photo and nice take on the theme this week. When thinking of different ways to portray 'tied', boats never came to mind. Clever!

    I can spend an entire day watching boats sail (or motor) in and out of a harbor. When I was younger, I even thought about living on a boat (figuring it wouldn't cost that much more than buying an apartment in Hawaii) but the not knowing more than the basics of sailing was a little problem. Fun dream though.

  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments. This was a really fun week.

    Marta, that's cool that you have a marina near you and have a place like that where you can enjoy winter walks. Yes, I do associate Buffet songs for the summer too and with sailing. I enjoy listening to him a lot. And yes, less than three weeks to go. I can't wait to see the Highlands and everything else there. Weather will be interesting. Luckily I adapt better to the cold than heat so I think I should be okay. I even bought a little rain jacket thing for my camera! :)

    M, glad you liked my photo. I too feel so relaxed near the water. Something about the sounds and the wide open space. It's definitely soothing. Have a super weekend too.

    Girasoli, glad you liked my photo. That's so interesting that you love boats so much that you dreamed of living on a boat. It is a great dream. Maybe you should do a trip that involves cruising on a house boat like in Amsterdam or charter sailing to the greek islands or something. I bet that would be really fun and you could fulfill one of your childhood dreams.

    Thanks again everyone. Have a great Sunday!


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