Saturday, October 10, 2009

PhotoHunt: Sports

Whether you are a devoted fan, a budding superstar, a professional athlete, or a regular everyday person like me, sports has something for everyone!

I took this photo of two budding Beach Volleyball players during an AVP Tournament! The little cutie on the right is being lifted by 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Misty May-Treanor.

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  1. So cute, those volleyball players!

  2. Hi Deborah, aren't they just the cutest! :) Thanks so much for your comments and have a great weekend!

  3. Very cute, next generation of players.

  4. Hi Kathy, that is such an adorable picture! Just priceless!

    Hope you have a fun weekend! Has your weather cooled down? We're finally into cooler fall weather, at least at night.

  5. Hi everyone, thanks so much for liking my photo!

    Barb, yes I think they may very well be tomorrow's superstars. Maybe even an Olympic Gold Medalist in the making!

    Maria, aren't they so adorable. Priceless is right! The weather has very nicely cooled down for us! I'm enjoying my weekend so far. I have Monday & Tuesday off so it is a nice long one for me.:) I'm glad that your weather has cooled for you too! Hope you're having an awesome weekend so far. I love fall weather. I wish we could see the leaves turn color here. I miss that.

    Cindy, yes they are soooo cute! I originally had a second photo in my post but edited it out because I just loved this one so much.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. Have a wonderful long weekend!

  6. Hi M, you must have been commenting when I was.... :) Glad you liked my post! I loved your collection too. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Cute! I like playing beach volleyball, but I am afraid I am not that good.

  8. Hi Kathy,
    Once again a nice take on this week's theme. Love to think of getting them "hooked" on an active lifestyle at a young age. Enjoy your long weekend.

  9. Hi Kathy, this is such a great photo! Right place, right time to get to see this cute sight and get a photo of it. Very unique take on the theme, with an Olympic gold medalist in it too.

    Hope you have a great long weekend!

  10. What a fun photo! I was guessing either biking or volleyball for your sport :)

  11. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments and liking my photo . . .

    Candi, I'm like you. I am a huge fan of the sport but I'm not very good either. I even took a class with some friends one summer and we were all struggling. It really takes a lot of strength and fite ness to run around in the sand after the ball. It's a fun recreational sport though.

    Eden, glad you liked the shot. I had so many to choose from but this one had so much more to say to me... and so I went with it. :)

    Maya, glad you liked my take. I agree that it's pretty cool that they start them so young.... hope you had a great weekend too!

    Annie, thanks for liking my photo and take. Rather than one of my many action shots...I just couldn't get away from this photo. It just captured the essence to me. And the bones was having an Olympic Gold Medalist Champion in it too! It was after they had just won their match and I happen to turn my head when leaving and saw the scene and snap! :) I had a busy weekend and no internet access. What happens when one forgets her phone charger. Luckily I have today off to catch up. I may even do my recipe for next weeend...

    Girasoli, very smart of you! :) Glad you liked my photo.

    Thanks again everyone! This was a very fun theme. Next week should be very interesting with a free choice . . . .Have a great day today everyone!


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