Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Worldwide Moment Project for Peace 2009 . . .

Slow Traveler and Moderator of the Slow Talk Website, MartaR (Blog: Postcards from the Trail), Twittered about a Worldwide Moment Photography Project for Peace. At exactly the same time (in 100 countries around the world) 2,000 people pledged to simultaneously take a photograph at the exact same time for World Peace!

I really didn't expect to participate but when I read Marta's twitter (and I happen to be off from work today, another bonus), I decided to participate. I'm so glad that I did! My caption . . . it's a little wrinkly, but the message is clear. Peace!

You can find more Twitters who participated HERE. Or you can go to their website and check out their gallery of photos.

Thank you Marta!


  1. Great choice and wonderful photo!! I was stuck in a very boring all day meeting off campus today. No chance to participate since happened at 2:09 here. Great concept. I will have to check out some of the other photos.

  2. Very cool. I love these group events like Worldwide Moment; it's so wonderful to connect with people all over like this. And your photo is perfect! Did you get those in Italy, I bet? Those "pace" flags are hanging all over Venice; I love them!

    Thanks for sharing this and happy Wednesday! A short work-week this week, woo hoo!

  3. Hi Girasoli, glad you liked my choice. Too bad you were in a meeting. Normally I would've missed it too, but luckily I still had yesterday off, and even more lucky I was on the computer and was reading Twitter when Marta wrote only a few minutes more....I ran to get my camera and think of something to photograph. It is a wonderful concept. People were waking up from their sleep to snap a photo then went back to sleep. It's cool seeing all the interesting photos.

    Hi Annie, I love the group events too. It sort of brings everybody together and raises awareness. I love my Pace and Peace flags. I had read about them on ST before my 2005 trip and knew I wanted to get one. I bought them in Florence from a guy I saw selling them in front of the Duomo. And then I bought another one in Siena. So for my Worldwide Moment photo I ran to get them. I didn't have time to iron them and just laid them out on my bed and was ready by 5:09 to snap my moment photo. It was cool! Marta's photo was of her beautfiul peaceful garden. It's so interesting seeing all the different photos on their website. One guy woke up snapped his back yard and then went back to sleep. One person put a peace sign on top of a flower and snapped that photo...

    Short week is right! Whoo hoo!

    Thanks again Girasoli & Annie, I'm so glad you liked my photo!

  4. Me again, I forgot to say Have a great day today! And guess what! Tomorrow is my B-Day, so I have tomorrow, Friday and Monday off! A nice present to myself! Ha, ha!

    It's a very, very short week for me... :)

  5. Happy Birthday - I hope you have a lovely *and* peaceful day.

    I really loved your photo. I'm so glad you participated. It was so perfect. I haven't posted mine on my blog yet but I should soon. I'm also anxious to see the gallery on the website. It should be very cool.


    Hope you have a great day today and over your long birthday weekend. How nice that you were able to get the time off. Any big plans? Whatever you do, hope you have fun!

    That is cool that you got your flags in Florence and Siena. One time in Venice, I saw a woman with a "pace" tote bag; wish I knew where to get one of those.

    Have a wonderful birthday today!

  7. Hi Marta, thanks so much for the Birthday wishes! :) The Worldwide Moment for Peace project is a really cool idea and I'm just so happy I happen to read your twitter when I did. I saw the four photos they posted and they are pretty cool...I love this kind of thing. I'm going to put it on my calendar for next year 2010! :) Your photo was so pretty and I look forward to reading your blog about the experience and seeing your photo there. Thanks again for the tweeting (twittering?) about it. I saw it just in the nick of time...

    Hi Annie, thank you so much for the Birthday wishes. I have dinner plans for tonight and Saturday, but today and tomorrow since everyone is at work it's going to be all about me! I have a couple more reservations to do for my trip, airfares are happily coming down so I'll be checking the internet very closely, got a haircut appointment, maybe do a little shopping, go for a nice walk and practice my photography, I'm going to see if I can find Homers Odyssey at Costco so I can start reading it . . . a wonderful no schedule, nice lazy day. A perfect gift to myself. :)

    Thanks again Marta and Annie! Have a great day too!

  8. Me again, Annie I forgot to mention that I think having a tote bag with pace on it would be so cool. I will have to keep my eye on the shops for one on my next trip. I love my Pace flags. I don't have them out on display but I just like knowing that I have them and who knew they would 4 years later come in handy for my Worldwide Moment photo for peace ...funny how things happen the way that they do.

    Thanks again for the B-Day wishes.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHY!!!! Yay -- I hope you're having a wonderful (and somewhat peaceful) day.

    I love your photo and what a wonderful souvenirs of Florence and Siena!

  10. Happy Birthday, Kathy!

    Five days off?! What a wonderful present to yourself! It's like a mini vacation. I like your plans for your special day. Doing a little of everything you love to do sounds perfect.

    I hope you find at Costco the book Annie recommended. I went to Costco yesterday and they didn't have it. I grabbed another book (The Master) but I'll be checking Barnes and Nobles to see if they have the book about Homer.

    You pace flag looks like mine, wrinkled from being in storage but it's still beautiful. I got mine in Rome three years ago. I saw a couple of pace flags last year in Venice but they were faded and frayed.

    Enjoy your day and I wish you another wonderful year of happiness and travels.

  11. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your Birthday wishes! Whoo hoo! I had a great day. I really love my two flags a lot.I think I'll iron it and take a proper photo so I can have it in my screen savor at work and be reminded of my time in Florence and Siena where I bought them. Here I go thinking of Italy again...

    Hi Maria, thanks so much for your Birthday wishes. You're so right. It is like a mini vacation. I didn't find Homer's Odyssey at the other Costco. I'll try B&N too. I bet they'll have it. Didn't get a chance today but I can check tomorrow. After reading Annie's review and that video clip I'm very anxious to read it too.

    I'm so thankful that I made it another year. I'm hoping for another good year ahead of me and hopefully more travels which will make me very happy!

    Thanks again everybody! Reading and learning from all your blogs and participating in all the group blogging projects is something that I have really enjoyed this past year. I feel like I've learned so many things. And it's been so much fun too! :)

    Tomorrow is Friday. Yay! Have a great day tomorrow and have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Kathy, it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love those nice lazy "me" days like that. And I hope you can find Homer soon! It's funny because my Costco had such a huge stack of those books and I'm surprised that yours and Marias didn't have them.

    AI gossip time - I just saw the article saying that Ellen DeGeneres has been hired to be the 4th judge. I am kinda shocked. For one, I was hoping they would stick with 3 judges this season. And Ellen seems like such an odd choice! It's going to be VERY interesting!

    Happy Friday!

  13. Hi Annie, thank you. It was a wonderful "me" day yesterday! :)

    I bet our Costco's sold out of Homer's Odyessy books, because it's so good. I think our B&N's will have it. I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Ellen on Idol! How cool! I am a fan of hers and never get to see her talk show because of work, so it will be wonderful to watch her on Idol. Ellen totally loves music and is a great AI (and Prince) fan and she is going to be very entertaining on the show. She was a guest judge for the show "So you think you can dance" and I thought she was really good. She's such a nice person that I will be interested to see how she does with giving criticisms. But then again, there's always Simon to do that. :)

    I'm still a little bummed that Paula isn't on the show anymore but I'm glad they picked Ellen as her replacement. It's just too bad they didn't get her in during those crazy auditions. Now that would've been fun to see her reactions and hear her comments on some of really bizzar ones.

    I am so anxious for the AI Season 9 to start. I am really hoping another "star" like Adam Lambert will be discovered again...

    Happy Friday to you too!

  14. Kathy, I'm glad to learn more about Ellen and that you are so enthused makes me feel better. I didn't know she was a music fan and have never seen her show (I think I've only seen her in commercials, now that I think about it).

    She said in the article I read that she intends to be kind like Paula...maybe she and Simon will be a good pair?

    Hope you continue to enjoy your long birthday weekend!

  15. Hi Annie, I think you will like Ellen. Every show she does she starts off with having her DJ play music and then dances and all the audience gets up and dances to the music too. Some of her celebrity guests will also join in once in a while. She's also a very funny comedienne. I think they will still run into time issues with the four judges (and Ellen's humor will most likely require more time as well). I think she and Simon will make an interesting pairing and I can't wait to see how the season will go.

    Interesting what she said about intending to be kind on the show like Paula. I guess they do have to have one always nice person on there. It will be an interesting season!

    I have been happily catching up with my favorite bloggers this morning so I am so far continuing to enjoy my long birthday weekend.

    Have a good day today and a great weekend too.

  16. Wonderful photo! And really cool project, too bad I missed it.

    Happy belated birthday, my friend!!! :)

  17. Hi Anne, thanks so much for liking my photo. I almost missed it too, but luckily I was off from work and happen to read Marta's twitter when I did. She shared the project on Twitter and so when I read it I ran to join just in the nick of time! And thank you so much for your kind birthday wishes! I appreciate your friendship and how much you share of yourself and your experiences on your blog.

    Thanks again and have a great day today!


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