Saturday, September 12, 2009

PhotoHunt: Electric

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic is a beautiful compact city and you can easily walk to many of the main sights. However, there is also a wonderful and efficient public transportation system which includes these really cool electric trams.

In the background is the Rudolfinum which is a beautiful neo-Renaissance building in the Old Town, built in 1885. It houses Rudolfinum Gallery where it plays host to exhibitions of contemporary art and it is also a concert hall where the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra performs.

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  1. Electric trams or cars! Of course! Great take on theme!

  2. Great photo Kathy! Electric trains, how cool. And what a beautiful building behind the train. I've heard nothing but good things about Prague and need to get there one day.

    Hope you are enjoying your long birthday weekend!

  3. Hi Eden, glad you liked my take. I nearly went with an electric guitar, but memories of prague and finding this photo of one of their electric run trams was too much for my electric guitar photo .... :)

    Hi Annie, I'm glad you liked my cool electric train photo... I think you should definitely visit Prague. You would have so much fun exploring that city. The archtecture is very different from Italy but in a really cool and unique way. For me, it is definitely a place I would love to re-visit again. I'm having a great birthday weekend. :) Thanks so much.

    Thanks again Eden and Annie! There are some very creative and beautiful takes on this week's theme. Enjoy your day today!

  4. Great photo and choice for this week's theme. I also love the old trams. Especially the clang of the bell. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. Very cool, Kathy -- I would love to see Prague! It sounds so interesting.

  6. Great pic for today!

    I'm on a countdown now, 13 days. :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Electric cars - don't see them too often anymore. Great take of this theme.

  8. I was struggling with electric, but then I realized that the tram I take almost daily is electric. So I have an electric tram up as well.

  9. I haven't been to Prague, but the photo reminds me of Budapest. That was the first city I ever visited that had electric trams (also the first time I was ever on a subway.) Cool idea for electric!

    Hope you are having a great weekend, Kathy :)

  10. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for liking my photo.

    Marta, I also love old trams. And come to think of it this one did make a bell noise. Regretfully I didn't get to ride it but only because my hotel was right in the center of everything and I walked everywhere and didn't need to use it. I did use their subway once though so I could buy my train ticket. Very efficient.

    Sandra, you would also love Prague. The history is so interesting and the architecture is so unique and amazing. I spent 5 days there but I wish I would've stayed longer. A good enough reason for me to return I think.

    Leslie, glad you liked my photo! 13 days! Whoo Hoo! I am so looking forward to hearing more about your trip and seeing all of your photos...I'm very excited for you!

    Cindy, I'm glad you liked my electric photo. This was a really fun week. So many different ways to express the theme.

    Menehune, thanks so much for the Birthday wishes. Yes, electric cars aren't seen very often, so it was so cool to have seen them here. Reminds me of the cable cars in San Francisco for some reason. They were cool!

    Maya, thanks so much. I also liked your Electric Tram photo a lot too! How fortunate that you get to ride it daily. And btw, I think you have a really cool blog and I enjoyed reading some of your wonderful entries this morning.

    Anne, glad you liked my electric tram photo. I've never been to Budapest yet, but I would love to go one day. I think you would also enjoy Prague. It is so unique and it is filled with so much history. And it's a fun city! :)

    Thanks everyone! This week was a fun theme. Looking forward to Upside-Down...

  11. Cool photo! I like those electric trains with “rabbit ears”. I used to ride them all the time when I lived in Mexico City.

    The Rudolfinum building is quite beautiful and elegant. Prague has been on my list for quite a while. I hope one day soon to visit. I hear the churches are spectacular.

    Hope you are having fun on your birthday weekend!

  12. Hi Maria, I'm glad you liked my photo. How lucky that you had them in Mexico City and were able to ride them all the time when you lived there. I regret not riding this one and also the one in Seville. Next time I travel somewhere that has them I need to remember to go for a ride on them even if I don't need to just so I can experience them. They really are cool!

    I think you would totally love Prague. The architecture is so unique and beautiful. The churches are equally unique and beautiful too. I hope you get to visit there soon. The energy there reminds me of Madrid.

    Thank you so much, I have totally enjoyed my Birthday weekend and it's nice to know I still have one more day left...

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  13. I didn't realize it was your birthday also! What day? Wow, we are both Virgos :) I love this photo. Great choice for the theme this week. The more I hear about Prague, the more I want to visit someday. Happy Belated Birthday!!

  14. Hi Girasoli,:) yes I too am a birthday is on the 10th only a day before you. I remember reading one of your comments somewhere about your birthday being on the 11th and not being able to enjoy it. It touched me because although different circumstances for a while there I couldn't enjoy my birthday. I share the same birthday as my mom. I know, what a coincidence. The first couple of years after she passed I could not bring myself to celebrate on my birthday. Then something hit me and I came to realize that life should be celebrated whether in present or in the past. And really she would not have wanted me to be sad. So now I always enjoy my day. Traditionally, I usually take a day off or in this case three days off too! :)

    Thanks for liking my photo. I think you would totally love Prague. The energy of the City, the history and the unique architecture. The visual of the Prague Castle lit up at night is forever in my memory.

    I hope you had a wonderful Birthday! Hope you found that espresso machine to replace your broken one.

    Thanks again for your comments and have a great day today!

  15. I will always think special thoughts of you now on September 10th! My aunt and my mom (sisters) were both born on the same day 12 years apart. I know just how you must have felt as it is a very difficult day for my aunt now since my mom passed away.

    I try to think the same way about celebrating my birthday now and it is no longer as difficult but it is still a very emotional day as there are always the news videos of that horrible day 8 years ago. At least I can now say my birthday - 9/11 when asked without cringing. That took a few years. I probably will always cry on my birthday but it has been a little easier the past couple of years.

    Of course this year I turned 50 so that was difficult in a different way. I have not been able to wrap my head around being 50 yet.

    I know a very special lady that was who just turned 100 this year on September 10th. For the first few years after Sept. 11th (2001), I celebrated my birthday on September 10th with her because I just could not celebrate on the 11th.

    Happy Happy Birthday once again! I did read the comments on your previoius post last night after asking when your birthday was but then fell asleep before commenting about it being on the 10th.

    Tomorrow is hump day!! Yippeeeee!!

  16. Hi Girasoli, thank you so much for your comments and also for sharing. I'm glad that you were able to celebrate your very special birthday this year with that lady you know who is 100. Fabulous.

    It is very sad to think of those who lost their lives on 9/11 and I agree with you that there will be some moments of sadness having to be reminded of that grief, but the celebration of life in the present is so important. So a very Happy Birthday to you on September 11th.

    Yay, for hump day!


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