Wednesday, April 1, 2009

AI Recap: Idols sing Top 100 iTunes Downloads . . .

This week the theme is "Top 100 iTunes Download" which gives the Idols a huge selection of songs to choose from.

Anoop opens the show up with an Usher song and although I really love Anoop, I wasn't really feeling it. I think it was more of the wrong song choice for me than his lack in talent or performance skills.

Megan sings a Bob Marley song and didn't really improve all that much from last week's train wreck (as Marcia commented). I have to agree with the judges. Her song choices and performances seems to be on the down slide. She was one of my top choices at the start of the competition and I'm sorry to say not so much now.

Danny sings a song that I haven't heard before and it was pretty good. He has such a soulful style and voice.

Alison sings Don't speak by No Doubt. She starts unplugged with her guitar then rips into her high energy style that I have grown to expect and love about her. I totally enjoyed it as usual. I wasn't as distracted by her outfit as the judges were.

Scott sings Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel. I thought he did pretty good and he got some high praises from the judges.

Matt sings You Found Me by The Fray! I'm not sure that I liked it. He has such a soulful voice and I think I like that style better for him. It looked like the judges felt the same way.

Lil sings I Surrender by Celine Dion. Although I really like Lil, I didn't like her song choice again. There had to have been a nice R&B song in the top 100 for her to choose from.

Adam sings Play that Funky Music by Wild Cherry! Wow! Only Adam could've pulled that classic song off! I love that song and I totally enjoyed his interpretation and performance. His look with the hair and the bell bottom hip huggers was . . . Retro meets Funk meets Adam Lambert all in one! I have to agree with Kara, I find myself looking forward to Adam's performance each week!

Kris sings Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers. I totally loved it! Brilliant performance.

My standout performances of the night: Adam and Kris by a country mile! :)

And that's my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Great recap Kathy. It was kind of a lackluster night of AI for me because I didn't know many of the songs and wasn't that crazy about many of the performances.

    I thought Kris was awesome, even stronger than Adam who was next best. Interesting that both of them chose old 70's songs rather than more current ones.

    And Anoop was in the dreaded "sing first" slot...will that mean Bottom 3 for him? I thought his voice sounded great but I just didn't like the song that much. I didn't think that Scott was as good as the judges did, and I thought Lil was better than the judges thought. Weren't Lil's kids just too cute!

    Bottom Three: I have no clue! It'll be very interesting to see!

    Have a great day Kathy!

  2. Hi Annie, I couldn't wait to get home to comment on your recap. I tried to do it earlier, but got stuck in a couple of meetings. At one point I pulled out my phone to sneak a quick reply out, but got interrupted! :)

    It's funny but I felt the same way about last night's perfomances as you did. I didn't recognize some of the songs too and when I did they weren't my favorites.

    I totally thought Kris was awesome and you are right about him being stronger than Adam last night. I loved both Adam's and Kris's song selections.

    I have to admit that when they called Anoop's name to sing first I immediately thought about the first up/bottom three observation you made last week. I really hope that's not the case tonight. Megan needs to be in the bottom three tonight. And I can't say who the other two would be. If I base it on the judges . . . could be Matt or Lil, although I don't want them to be. I'm in the middle with Scott and Lil. I thought Scott chose a great song but I thought his vocals weren't as great as the others. And Lil has strong vocals but I didn't really like her song choice again. I am hoping her fans kept her in because if she gets a chance next week and finds a great song she can really show case that great voice that she has, plus I really like her personality a lot. And I totally thought her kids were very adorable. It was so cute how the one little girl went to hug Randy.

    I think you're already watching the show and may already know the answer.

    Two more days until Saturday! Whoo hoo....

    Thanks \so much for your great recap too Annie! Have a great evening!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Well Anoop WAS in the Bottom Three! I wonder who will sing first next week?

    Megan's exit was very memorable, she is a weird and quirky chick! I'll miss her but I think she was the right one to go. But I continue to hate the whole "judges save" thing...Simon telling her that they didn't care and wouldn't even consider saving her seemed really mean!

    David Cook sounded great - I'm really happy for his success. I'd never heard of that Lady Gaga...that was a strange performance!

    And yes, two days til Saturday! I'm excited but I'm also starting to get nervous and am remembering how the team crashed and burned in the Final Four last year. I need to think positive and not worry. Go Heels!

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. Hi Annie, great recap of last night's results show. Anoop looked like he expected to be in the bottom three. I felt bad for him, but maybe he'll get fired up and do a great performance next week to redeem himself. He tends to bounce back pretty good. I wonder if the Idols notice the first up/bottom three thing too!

    I totally agree with you. I really liked Megan from the very beginning and still do because she is so quirky, wierd and wonderfully unique all in one. I wished she could've picked better songs to really compliment her style like she started out doing. I wish her all the best. And I agree with you that Simon was really mean to say what he said and also the way in which he said it. At least she had some class and did a really nice speech at the end and you can just see how much she loves her little boy! And then seeing her cry with all her past clips was enough to bring the tissue box out for me! I really hope something good happens for her career.

    I loved David cook's performance. Still very cool as ever! And platinum on his record is awesome.

    When I saw Lady Gaga, I actually immediately thought of Megan. That performance was strange and SHE was strange and yet different. She sang good but with all that glitter I was lost. Remember the judges comments about Alison's loud outfit? Oh well!

    Things must be pretty exciting around NC and especially Chapel Hill this past week. Does final four get as big or probably a bigger build-up than the superbowl? It seems that it does. Your enthusiasim for your Tar Heels is so infectious Annie (like Sandra mentioned) and I find myself following their progress and pulling for them too. I like the excitement of College sports a lot more than pro, because of the whole school pride thing. Pro sports can be so all about money and ego sometimes versus team. And yes, definitely think positive Annie.
    Thanks so much again for your great recap Annie! Have a great Thursday! Go Heels! Whoo hoo!

  5. I still think the judges comments about Alison's outfit were weird. I saw nothing wrong with it at all, it was a cute rocker chick outfit and just fit her style. And you are right, it was downright conservative compared to Lady Gaga!

    Oh, the hype around here for the Final Four is much bigger than it is for the Super Bowl or for any other sport during the year. NC is a college basketball state, for sure! Even though we have a pro NBA team (Charlotte Bobcats) and a pro hockey team, they don't get near the coverage that college hoops gets. It's really exciting!

    Back to AI, I think Ryan said that next week they will sing a song from the year they were born. So for Alison, that would be 1993, right, and for some of the others it will be late 80's. Could be a tough week for song choices.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Hi Annie, I totally agree with you. I didn't think Alison's outfit was over the top at all. It was cute!

    Wow, it must be so exciting right now. Must be so much fun! That must feel so great for the players and coaches for the community to be supportive and excited like that.

    Next week will be very interesting! 1993! Yikes, she is so young. Sometimes I forget how really young she is because she sings like she is a veteran in the music industry. The 80's was a so, so time. I can't wait for the week when they get to choose their own song (or at least there is still that option).

    Enjoy the Final Four excitement Annie and enjoy the game on Saturday!


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