Thursday, April 9, 2009

AI Recap: Class Act . . . .

Last night it was really sad to see Scott leave AI. The good news is that he will be on the Idol tour over the summer and with his talent I have a feeling that this won't be the last that we see of him.

Is it me or does Frankie Avalon appear never to age! The guy looks and sounds awesome and opened last night's results show with Venus! Loved it!

Well, the first up/bottom three jinx was finally broken last night when Danny didn't land in the bottom three. The shock was that Anoop did! Maybe some of his fans were still recovering from the exciting North Carolina Tar Heel NCAA championship celebrations that Annie wrote about in her blog HERE. :) I'm not as surprised that Lil landed in the bottom three but was surprised that Anoop received lower votes than she did being that I thought Anoop did way better.

I think from this point on, each performance is going to count and there will be no second chances of singing better the next time. I think the strongest top three has to be Adam, Danny and Matt, with Anoop and Alison following a distant third. Lil could be vulnerable next week if she doesn't do well again and Kris is the "x" factor. He has a strong following that seem to keep him in the competition and when he nails a performance he can actually be better than the top three. I can't wait to watch next week!

So that's my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . .

I'd like to end my post by sending my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the families of the 250 victims killed and to the thousands of victims injured and displaced in the devastating earthquake that struck the Abruzzo area of Italy. I read on Girasoli's blog about a way I could help: Abruzzo Relief


  1. Thanks for the recap Kathy!

    Can you believe that I fell asleep again and missed the results show too? I did see "Idol Tonight" earlier in the evening and saw snippets of the Tuesday performances. I agree that Anoop sounded much better and I'm surprised he was second to last. I hadn't thought about it but you might be right that his Tar Heel fans were too tired to vote for him on Tuesday night (or were catching up on their sleep like me!).

    I bet it was sad to see Scott go but I think that was the right choice, based on the performances I saw. I wish I'd seen Frankie Avalon!

    Thanks for keeping me up to date. I hope I'll be able to stay awake for next week's shows!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Thanks for the recap, Kathy. I forgot to watch last night. Really? Anoop was in the bottom three? I wouldn't have thought so. I am glad he stayed though. And I am not sure I remember the guy who left, I need to google him.

    And thanks for mentioning the link to help the earthquake victim. It is a tragedy, and the news seem to have forgotten about it already.

  3. Thank you for the recap. I really got a kick out of the Frankie Avalon appearance. He still looks great. I remember how funny his cameo was in the movie "Grease". Loved the song "Venus". Fun show.

  4. Last night, I was reading a UNC Basketball message board. They were talking about Anoop and one guy said, "Poor Anoop, we were all too hungover on Tuesday to vote for him." ---you called it Kathy!

    I wasn't hungover but I sure was tired so I bet that really did impact him being at in the Bottom Three this week!

    Happy Good Friday and hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  5. Hi Everyone, thank you for your comments!

    Annie, that's funny that you fell asleep! Girl, you must've really celebrated hard on Monday night. :) Just kidding. I can totally understand. In fact, last night I turned on my computer and intended to write this comment last night and work on my PH, but dozed off myself. Woke up at 1 am to turn off my PC.

    Glad you were able to catch some of the performances on Idol Tonight, because there were a couple of standouts by Adam and Matt! I think I may be right too in that some of Anoops fans were still recovering and unable to vote for him. Hopefully next week you all will be recovered by then! :)

    It was very sad to see Scott leave and he really is a great guy and a class act! And the judges for the first time struggled with their Save decision. It was a two vs two vote and so Simon made the final decision to not use the save on Scott and although I really like Scott I think Simon made the correct decision. The save was meant to correct a wrong (in the voting) and not really to give someone a second chance. If it had been Adam for example, it would have been correct to use the save. All the best to him!

    Frankie was awesome! Too bad they didn't have a snippet of him on Idol Tonight for you to see.

    Thanks for your comments Annie. Have a great day today!

    (I can't believe I wrote this comment on the wrong entry, so I copied and pasted it here):)

    Candi, I know! I couldn't believe Anoop landed in the bottom three too! But I am also glad that he stayed. After reading everyone's blogs and reading some of the articles my heart just felt so heavy. I happened across one photo and teared up from that image. In addition to sending my thoughts and prayers, I really wanted to make a donation but didn't know where to give and saw the link Girasoli posted and thought that was the best place. And as Easter Sunday approaches I can't help but think of the victims and the people who don't have any homes to spend Easter at. It does look like the Government and multiple agencies are working hard to help the victims. I'll continue to hold them in my thoughts and prayers and also for the rescue and relief workers as it must be so hard for them too.

    Thanks for your comments Candi and have a great weekend!

    Barb, glad you liked my recap. I got a kick out of seeing Frankie. He does look great and his voice is still awesome! Thanks for the reminder of his cameo appearnce in Greace. Didn't he sing "Beauty School Drop out"? :) Even Simon had to stand up and applaud when Frankie Avalon appeared from behind the stage after they showed that old clip of him singing Venus. Very cool!

    Thanks for your comments Barb & have a great Easter Weekend!

  6. Hi Annie, I must have been writing my comments at the same time you were. :) That's so funny that someone wrote that on a UNC message board. I'm sure Anoop's fans will be alert and ready to vote for him next week, which is cool!

    Thanks for your comments Annie and have a happy Good Friday and a wonderful Easter Weekend too!

  7. Yes, I think we were commenting at the same time!

    That is so interesting that the judges were split about saving Scott. I bet Paula definitely voted to save him; he seemed to be one of her favorites. He is such a nice guy but this group is so talented that it's tough. I think you are right, they are probably saving "the save" for Adam and maybe Danny? Or even Alison or Matt? At first I thought they might use it to save Lil but she has had a few lackluster weeks in a row, it seems. And I'm not sure they would use the save for Anoop since he's been up and down.

    It's going to be interesting to see if they even use that save!

    Happy Easter!

  8. Hi Annie, they didn't say how the votes went down but you may be right that Paula voted to save Scot being that he was one of her favorites. I think you are right also about the save. I think that the judges will use their one and only save for either Adam, Danny, Matt or Alison as they have been the most consistent and they probably believe that they deserve to be in the top 5 (no matter how the votes come down). So if they don't land in last place between now and when it expires, they may not even use the Save at all.

    And I also agree that they would probably not use it to save Anoop, Kris or Lil unless their performance within the next two weeks is deserving of the save.

    It really will be interesting. I have a feeling the top five will be Adam, Danny, Matt, Alison and its a toss up between Anoop and Kris for the 5th spot.

  9. oops forgot to say...Happy Easter too! :)


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