Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AI Recap: Birthday songs . . .

Last night the 8 Idols picked songs from the year they were born. It's getting down to the wire and each performance is more important now than ever before. So here's how it went:

Danny started things off (the dreaded first up position) with Stand by Me, which I thought he sang really well.

Kris sings next with All She Wants to Do is Dance. He did okay, but I liked his performance last week so much better.

Lil sings next with What's Love Got to Do With It! Love that song and love her, but did feel like she was imitating Tina more than singing the song as Lil. I hope her fans keep her in the competition.

Anoop sings next and gives a "Go Heels" shout out! He sings True Colors and I loved it! After his performance Randy gives another shout out to the North Carolina Tar Heels and then gives high praises to Anoop! So Annie, two shout outs for your Tar Heels in one night on Idol! Pretty cool. All four judges loved Anoop's performance.

Scott sings next with The Search is Over. I really like Scott a lot, but this just wasn't one of his best performances.

Alison (the youngest Idol Contestant) sings I Can't Make You Love Me. She was awesome!

Matt sings Part-Time Lover by Stevie Wonder and I loved it! Perfect song choice for him.

And last but not least, Adam sings Mad World and was brilliant! Simon even gave him a standing ovation!

My standout performances of the night Adam, Matt, Anoop and Alison!

And that's my Recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . . .


  1. Kathy, thanks so much for this recap! I sat down last night to watch and the last thing I remember is them showing the baby photos of the judges. And then when I woke up, the show was over! I was soooo tired from Monday's celebration!

    I hate that I missed seeing Anoop and Randy give a shout-out to the Tar Heels! That is so cool. I'm glad to hear that Anoop did better this week.

    I hope that I can stay awake tonight and at least see snippets of the performances. Sounds like it might be Scott's night to go home?

    At least I've caught up on my sleep and am not so bleary-eyed like I was yesterday. All the Tar Heels fans are still walking around grinning from ear to ear around here!

    Have a great day and thanks for the recap!

  2. Hi Annie, I'm glad that you've recovered a little from the big celebration evening! I don't blame you for dozing off. :) The shout outs were fun to hear and I'm sure you'll read or hear about it in the news today.

    I'm so glad that you had a great time celebrating. We all thought that you might be having a late night! :) You and all the Tar Heel fans should enjoy that feeling for as long as you want to. Very deserving after a long season.

    As for tonight, I think you could be right. I think Scott and possibly Lil could be in jeopardy, but stranger things have happened. Afterall, Danny was in that dreaded first up to sing position. I would be shocked if he landed in the bottom three.

    Enjoy all the post celebration excitement and get some rest!

  3. Kathy, I enjoy reading your recaps even though I haven’t been watching AI. It all sounds pretty exciting. It’s so cool to hear about the shout-out the Tar Heels got on the show. I’ll check back tomorrow for your recap. It’s fun to read your take on the performances.

    Have a great Wednesday! :)

  4. Love your photo of the month!

  5. Kathy, I actually heard some of the songs on AI last night while I was making dinner, I thought Anoop was great too. But I totally did not like the way the one girl(Lil?) sang What's love got to do with it. Too kareoke like the judges say.
    Thanks for the recap.

  6. Kathy, thanks for posting this. I had forgotten to watch but did get it recorded and so am fast forwarding and watching the performances so can be ready for tonight. Danny was great. Haven't heard Adam yet.

  7. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments.

    Maria, I'm so glad that you're enjoying my recaps. I enjoy writing them. I really love listening to the Idols perform each week. I think tonight will be interesting so I might have quite a bit to say tomorrow! :) And I thought it was very cool that Anoop gave his Go Heels Shout out and then when Randy gave another shout out to the NC Tar Heels that was even more cooler. Have a great evening Maria!

    Candi, that's so cool that you heard the show while preparing dinner. That was a nice recap you just did yourself. I totally thought Anoop did very well and was a bit disappointed in Lil's performance. I think she can do much better, but she hasn't been picking the right songs to showcase her voice. Oh well, maybe she'll get another try next week if she isn't voted off tonight! Have a great evening Candi!

    Jane, good thing you recorded the show because it was pretty good. Adam was (as always) the last to perform and was excellent. I thought Anoop, Matt and Alison were very good too. Hope you enjoyed watching the rest of the show. Have a great evening Jane!

    Thanks again everyone for your great comments.

  8. Hi Leslie, I'm so glad you loved my new photo of the month. I love that photo too! One of my favorites from that trip. Thanks so muc for your comments and have a great evening Leslie!

  9. So, after last night's results - the complexion of the show might change a little. I will miss Scott, a great gentlemen with a similar sense of humor and great musical ability. I hope he will pursue his dreams. He was truly inspirational! Menehune

  10. Hi Annie, that's funny that you fell asleep! Girl, you must've really celebrated hard on Monday night. :) Just kidding. I can totally understand. In fact, last night I turned on my computer and intended to write this comment last night and work on my PH, but dozed off myself. Woke up at 1 am to turn off my PC.

    Glad you were able to catch some of the performances on Idol Tonight, because there were a couple of standouts by Adam and Matt! I think I may be right too in that some of Anoops fans were still recovering and unable to vote for him. Hopefully next week you all will be recovered by then! :)

    It was very sad to see Scott leave and he really is a great guy and a class act! And the judges for the first time struggled with their Save decision. It was a two vs two vote and so Simon made the final decision to not use the save on Scott and although I really like Scott I think Simon made the correct decision. The save was meant to correct a wrong (in the voting) and not really to give someone a second chance. If it had been Adam for example, it would have been correct to use the save. All the best to him!

    Frankie was awesome! Too bad they didn't have a snippet of him on Idol Tonight for you to see.

    Thanks for your comments Annie. Have a great day today!

  11. Hi M, thanks for your comments. I completely agree with your description of Scott. A class act and genuinely nice guy. I really wish him all the best in his career! And he is very inspirational.

    Have a great Weekend M!


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