Friday, March 6, 2009

AI Recap: Lucky number 13 . . .

Wow, last night's Wild Card lived up to the AI fan hype. It was the second and last chance to move on. And this time, it was up to the judges and not the voting fans to decide their fate.

I thought all the contestants stepped it up gave great performances. Jesse came out strong with what I thought was her best performance in the competition and Anoop did what everyone was expecting from Anoop! He sang My Prerogative with his great soulful and enthusiastic style that we have grown to expect from him. So why when it came to the final two was I worried. Well, because he was paired with piano playing Matt who I thought nailed his performance last night and did slightly better than Anoop did. Could it be that Anoop (the bright shining star in the making) didn't make the finals! Simon delivers the news that Matt was in! Yikes, but wait there's another AI twist. Simon goes on to tell Anoop to wait as they just came to a "last minute" decision and for the first time on AI there will be a top final 13 and Anoop was IN! Whoo hoo! Annie commented that last night's show was pretty wild and she was right, it was.

So who made it: Matt and Anoop (yay), Jasmine (yay), Megan (yay).

Who didn't make it: Von (expected), Jesse (I thought she had a chance with the performance she did), Ricky (he should've made it rather than Cris), and Tatiana (I still think that she has a good voice and as you can tell from last night is quite the entertainer). I thought it was cute how Megan consoled Tatiana and you just knew that was coming because Megan did really well and impressed the judges more than Tatiana did. But wait, Paula, Kara and Randy with Simon looking on also took some time to console Tatiana and the comment of the night from Paula, "but you're going to be an actress." Huh! Did I miss something! Actually I think she would be great in the entertainment business. Will any of us ever forget Tatiana in Season 8. We might forget who some of the other contestants are, but we will always remember Tatiana and the thing is she can sing. Last night wasn't her best performance but she can sing.

And the winning awkward moment of the evening had to be that moment with Tatiana and Ryan Secrest. :) If you missed it, I'm sure it will pop up somewhere on YouTube.

So there you have it, top 13 in AI! Let the competition begin. And I'm ready for it!

For more on the top 13 contestants you can visit the American Idol Website: HERE

And that's my recap! Keep on rocking AI . . .


  1. Wasn't it wild! Two nights in a row, they left poor Anoop hanging until the very end. I am SO glad he made it (I agree that his performance wasn't his best but it was very entertaining). And I loved how he was talking a little bit of Carolina vs. Duke trash to Kara (who went to Duke). Our basketball teams play again this weekend (Go Heels!).

    And I was really touched by Anoop's comment, when he said he was thinking about Eve and everyone in Chapel Hill. There was a big memorial service on campus in Chapel Hill yesterday for the one-year anniversary of Eve Carson's murder (she was the Student Body President and was killed in this senseless robbery, very horrible and sad). I love Anoop for mentioning it.

    Overall, I'm happy with the Top 13 and am ready to hear them all sing again. Megan is intriguing to me - I like her voice and I like those jerky dance moves, LOL>

    And Tatiana. Well, I don't think we've seen the last of her. It wouldn't surprise me if she ends up with her own reality TV show. :)

    Happy Friday Kathy and thanks for the recap!

  2. Hi Annie, YAY I finally figured out a way to comment on my iphone! You were so right! AI wouldn't have been the same without Anoop so I am so happy and relieved that he made it in! I was wondering who Eve was? She is mentioned in his videos too! That was very touching for him to mention her name. What a terrible senseless crime.

    That was pretty cool sparring with Kara. I didn't realize she went to duke! Sounds like it's going to be a big weekend in NC! Goop Heels!

    I'm happy with the top 13 too and I am looking forward to the competition. Megan is interesting and that little twist and gerky dance move is so her! :) she's definitely going to be interesting to watch!

    I agree, I think Tatiana will somehOw reappear somewhere. I think she'll be just fine!

    Thanks for your recap comments and Happy Friday to you too Annie! Enjoy the game this weekend!

  3. Me again

    "Goop Heels" was really "Go Heels" :)

    Draw backs to commenting on my iPhone ... Small keyboard and no spell check! :) sorry about that Annie!

  4. I'm impressed you can comment on your phone!

    No problem on the Goop Heels, I kinda like it plus Goop rhymes with Anoop!

    I didn't know Kara went to Duke either until Anoop said it and then I read it in the paper this morning. The paper today also said that Eve Carson was a big fan of the Clef Hangers (the group that Anoop sang in) so I bet they might have been friends since they were in school at the same time. Eve's death has been so traumatic around here because Chapel Hill is a small college town that always felt like such a safe place, so it was completely shocking when it happened. I bet Anoop wished he could have been at her memorial yesterday.

    Happy Friday (today is payday for me...yay!) and I hope you have a great weekend. I'm really looking forward to hearing the Top 13 on Tuesday! And Go Heels (they play Duke on Sunday afternoon).

  5. Hi Annie, yes it takes awhile cuz of the sensitive and small keyboard but I can finally do it.

    No wonder all the videos have her name on there! That's a really nice tribute to her. And that is so terrible what happened to Eve! It's nice how chapel Hill is a close community. Anoop is cool for giving a shout out to her on national TV like that. It must have meant a lot to her family and friends and to all who remember her in the Community of Chapel Hill.

    Happy payday Friday to you and enjoy the game on Sunday!

    Goop does rhyme with Anoop! :)

  6. Woo-hoo for Anoop! Everyone at work is talking about him, I wish I have watched the show.

  7. Thanks Kathy and how cool to hear from Candi that they are talking about my man Anoop in Hawaii!!!

  8. Hi girls, Anoop being talked about in Hawaii is totally cool!! Maybe Anoop will get all the Hawaii votes! Whoo hoo!

  9. I have not seen much of AI this year, so I am enjoying your AI recaps. Thank you. :)

  10. Hi Eden, thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoy the entries! :)

    Have a great weekend!


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