Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AI Recap: The Grand Ole Opry comes to Idol . . .

The theme is the Grand Ole Opry! An always interesting week for AI contestants!

First up is Michael. I actually have to agree with Simon! I could not understand a word he said! And I found the harmonica player distracting!

Alison, rocked her country song out! I just really love her. She has so much energy and she has a great voice!

For the first time I really enjoyed Kris’ performance. I thought his song choice was very good and he sang it very well. And as Simon mentioned, I think this is the first time that I thought that he actually did deserve to be in the original top 13!

Lil performs a Martina McBride song and the judges didn’t really approve of her performance. But I thought it was pretty good.

Adam singing country! That thought is a show headliner alone. He picked a song by Johnny Cash and did his own Adam Lambert spin on it. Kara was speechless, Paula (I think) liked it, Simon hated it and Randy thought it was great. I agreed with everyone but Simon. I thought it was a country song that was interpreted to his own style. Nothing wrong with that! Other artists and musicians do it all the time.

Scott sang a pretty good song by Martina McBride. And yet again, Paula & Simon get into another disagreement. I happen to agree with Simon on this one. I think Scott performs really well with his piano and I don’t see why he should change. Can I say Brooke White!

Alexis did okay, but it didn’t really have that wow factor for me. Not sure but I seem to be losing my enthusiasm over her performances.

Danny did a good job as usual. Was it his best performance, not really but it was good. I did do a double take on his jacket too! Just didn’t seem to go with the genre of music or with him.

Anoop is Back! Yay! He picked a great song and his performance was outstanding! And I agree, it was the best performance of the night! Yes, even better than Adam and Danny and Alison. Of course, everyone but Simon knew all along that Anoop deserves to be in the top 13. He just kept picking the wrong song!

You gotta love Megan for her uniqueness! I continue to be a fan of hers. Even more so now after learning that even while suffering from a bad flu she is able to perform the way that she did. Kudos to her!

Matt sings a Carrie Underwood song and did it very well. I really enjoyed his performance a lot. I noticed that they didn’t bring up the piano discussion with him?

So there you have it! Who will be moving on to the top 10! All my favorites did very well with the exception of maybe Alexis and I was very surprised with a great performance by Kris.

My top performance of the night without a doubt was Anoop! I think he did NC proud and I’m sure there are a lot of happy Tar Heels right now! Whoo hoo!

And that’s my recap! Keep on Rocking AI . . . .


  1. Anoop! I loved when Simon said "from zero to hero"! He really does have a great voice and lot of appeal, he's got that cool geek cuteness going on. I'm so happy for him.

    I have to say that I agreed with Simon...I thought Adam was horrific! Ring of Fire is such a great classic song and I thought he butchered it! I don't think he'll get voted off though.

    I thought Lil Rounds was great and was so surprised that the judges didn't like her!

    I have no idea who will or should go home. I didn't think Scott's performance was his best but I don't think he'll get voted off. I just don't know!

    I agree with you about Alexis. I am starting to like her less, she seems a little bit too full of herself and was talking to the judges too much, I thought, and something about that "I'll bring the dirty back" stuff was ICK to me.

    My faves of the night were Anoop, Megan (what a weird but cool chick she is), and Lil. It's gonna be very interesting to see what happens tonight.

    Thanks for the recap Kathy and have a great day!

  2. Hi Annie, Anoop totally redeemed himself last night. Song choice can be everything sometimes. He sang that song just perfectly I thought and I too am very thrilled and happy for him.

    I agree that Adam will most likely not get voted off and if he did recieve the lowest votes, I have a feeling that the judges could use their save on him.

    The problem I think I have with Alexis is she's beginning to sound the same on every song. She has to change it up a little. It's not about being dirty, she has to be creative and different. Megan is a great example of being unique and different and she's being herself and not having to create this different personality.

    I think Michael could be in jeopardy. But who knows the voting public can funny sometimes.

    Thanks for your great recap Annie! Have a great Wednesday!

  3. I won the high five on our couch since my comment about Adam was that was entirely self-indulgent, and that is almost what came out of Simon's mouth a few moments later.

    I am not sure who will be sent home tonight, guess it will have to do more with fan base, since last night was pretty strong. It will not help Michael that he went first, I think, and Alexis was not memorable.

    I did not agree with the judges about Megan, I thought some of her vocals were weird, but they clearly like her since she got a pass from them because of the flu, the same courtesy I do not recall them extending to other performers in seasons past.

    I guess I don't care who goes home tonight, but for that performer it does mean no summer touring.

  4. I might be wrong but I have a feeling that the hard-core country music fans might save Michael, because he seemed the most "true country" of just about anyone last night.

    I agree that the judges would use their save on Adam. I think they might use it on Megan or Lil too. Don't know if they would save Alexis???

    We'll know tonight!

  5. I agree with you all~tonight should be interesting. And in the same spirit of 'country' I think I agree that Michael might be saved tonight and Adam might feel the vengeance of a true country fan? Hmmm....I'm also a fan of Anoop. I think it's his temperament. Menehune

  6. So driving home, I was thinking about the "Save" and who they would use it on.

    They would save: Lil, Adam, Danny, Matt, and Megan

    I don't think they would save Michael or Scott.

    I'm not sure if they would save Kris, Alison, Alexis, or Anoop.

    What do you think?

  7. Hi everyone, thanks for your recap comments . . .

    Marcia, I can see that you, Annie and Simon are in the same camp about Adam. That's cool. I'm not sure who will go out tonight too. It gets so much harder as we get closer and closer to the winner. Based on the judges comments, I think Michael, Lil and Alexis could go tonight. And you're so right. The person who goes home tonight won't get to go on tour and that will be a bummer. Last year Rocker Nurse Amanda (my favorite female idol) got the boot and was the 11th out and missed out on the tour, so who will it be tonight? And the drama continues . . .

    Annie, you may be right about Michael. The hard core country music fans might save Michael. And as I mentioned to Marcia the only other two that had bad reviews were Lil and Alexis so that is going to be a tough one if it does come down to those two. Annie, I think they would save Danny, Adam, Anoop and maybe Alson, possibly Megan. But I don't thing they would save Michael, Scott, Kris or Alexis. Matt did really well and so they could possibly save him. The tricky part about this new Save feature is they only have this one time save so it would have to be given to someone who they think should at least be in the top 5. And to me I think that would be Danny, Adam, Megan and possibly Anoop and Alison for sure. The others I don't think they would use the save on and they will have to earn their spots in the top 5 by way of the popular vote.

    It will be very dramatic and interesting tonight for sure! Maybe I should set my VCR in case I doze off again. Although if it does come down to two of my favorites I may change the channel back and forth since I don't know if I can stand the suspense.

    Flygirl, I think you and Annie cold be right about Michael! And yes, Adam will most likely not get the country fan votes for sure! The more I think about it the more I think Lil and Alexis could be in jeopardy since they both had less than stellar reviews from the judges. Glad to hear that you're an Anoop fan! He has such a great personality I just liked him from day one, plus he's one of Annie's NC Tar Heels!

    Thanks so much for all of your recaps everyone. I guess AI has already aired on the East Coast and Annie may already know who's in and who's out. And we on the West Coast shall soon find out!

  8. I must agree with Simon about Adam--I thought he was atrocious. There is something very strange about that lad.

    For some reason I am having a hard time getting into Idol this season. It just seems old or trying to hard.

    Am I the only one feeling this way?

  9. I missed tonight altogether. Can someone tell me who's out?

  10. Hi Jane, you're not alone in your review of Adam's performance. Although I liked it, Annie and Marcia didn't and neither did Simon. I think you're not the only one feeing that way about Idol this season. They have been putting a few twists in the show to sort of make it different and more exciting. I think the competition will get better now that we are in the top 10 and for me it actually gets harder and harder to predict who makes it through and who doesn't because the Idols will start to step up their performance.

    Hi Barb, Alexis was eliminated last night. The bottom three were Alexis, Alison and Michael. Alison was the only bottom three surprise for me.


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