Sunday, February 15, 2009

LA Travel Show: Samantha Brown & Travel Ideas . . .

Over the weekend, my friends and I checked out the Los Angeles Times Travel Show.

They had this really cool exhibit . . .

They had a couple of interesting workshops. I totally enjoyed this one workshop given by Peter Potterfield on the Classic Hikes of the World. That was really, really cool . . . as in Machu Picchu and Patagonia idea cool!

And then there was Samantha Brown. She is exactly like she is on the show. And she really does seem very sweet and genuinely nice!

There was a huge line to get her autograph and picture, so I just snuck a few photos from the crowd. Now if it had been Anthony Bourdain, I would've been patient and waited in that long line! :)


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! I love the giraffes in that first photo. And can't believe you saw Samantha Brown up close! Looks like a good crowd came out for this event - nice to see folks so interested in travel. I'm glad you got to go to this!

  2. Hi Annie, it was cool to see Samantha Brown up close. She is so nice too. When someone asked her of all the places she has been if she could return to live there where would it be. Her answer was Berlin! She said that City has gone through so much transformation and they totally live in the present! Interesting!

    I photographed the African safari animals because it was so cool.

    Glad you liked it Annie! Have a great day! It's raining hard here, so now I have no excuse but to stay home and write up my Alhambra posts! :)

  3. Berlin? Really?! What an interesting answer!

    Enjoy the rainy day!

  4. I've never been to a travel show, it looks like fun! And I loved your photo of the African safari animals, elephants and giraffes seem so sweet and very beautiful (and not likely to want to eat you in one big bite!)

    I'm still choked up over the news photos of Sam the Koala bear who was rescued from Australia's fires last week by a cute firefighter. He said she just sat staring at him, nursing her burnt paws until he stopped to help.

  5. Hi Annie, being so fond of Italy and now Spain I somehow expected her to say Italy (at the very least)! May have to check out Berlin one day. :)

    It stopped raining a few hours ago, but it's still pretty cold and windy. Nice day to be indoors for a bit and finish one's photos.

    Hope you had a nice day!

  6. Hi Sandra, travel shows are interesting. I was really surprised that there were very few European vendors though. I saw a vendor for Spain and Ireland, but that was pretty much it. So that was surprising to me.

    I agree with you about that touching story about the poor little Koala rescued in Australia by the cute firefighter. Poor little thing was so dehydrated.

    Thanks for your comments Sandra. Hope you had a nice day!

  7. I would love to go to a travel show. Sounds like this one was fun! I just saw Samantha Brown swimming with dolphins yesterday. Can't get that image out of my head :) Interesting that she said Berlin.

  8. The hiking workshop sounds really cool, that would be the sort of vacation my husband would love. (Me too, but I also love Florence, Rome, etc and he doesn't.)

    Mmmm, I LOVE Anthony sexy, I would totally wait in line to meet him in person! Sweet dreams Kathy! ;)

  9. I want to BE Samantha Brown when I grow up!
    Great post.

  10. Hi Girasoli, travel shows are nice. Last year I went and had a nice chat with the folks from the Spain Tourist Office and I found them helpful.

    I've heard some great things about Berlin like from Shannon's blog when she was there. Berlin is apparently a really happening place. Maybe one day, I'll get to see it too!

    Thanks for your comments and hope you have a great week Girasoli!

  11. Hi Anne, yes that hiking workshop was very cool! But I agree, Italy still calls out . . . :)

    Someone asked Samantha if she and Bourdain would do a show together. She giggled! I giggled too beccause that would be like pairing Bambi with the king of the jungle! :) She said they have a good relatiionship and are actually talking about doing a proejct together. That would be cool. I really like his show too (different style than Samantha). They're both great travel hosts.

    Thanks so much for your comments and have a great evening Anne!

  12. Hi Deborah, me too! :) It was interesting to hear that her major was actually in theatre arts and she was very lucky to have landed the travel host job! It was fun listening to her stories while shooting her show. Great workshop!

    Thanks for your comments Deborah. Have a greaat week!

  13. This is a lot of fun. And Samantha Brown and Berlin, interesting.

  14. Hi Candi, yes I may just have to visit Berlin one of these days because it was very interesting to hear her talk about it. The show was definitely fun!

    Thanks for you comments Candi. Have a great day!


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