Sunday, February 1, 2009

As American as Apple Pie . . .

I'm not a huge football fan nor do I favor any of the teams playing in today's big game (well maybe I favor the Arizona Cardinals a little because that' where blogging pal Maria lives), and yet I find the traditions and festivities (aka Parties) of Superbowl Sunday a lot of fun. I think more than anything Superbowl Sunday is celebrated more for it's reputation as an "American Tradition" rather than an athletic event.

In fact, for many of us the highlight of today's game will be the famous Superbowl Half Time show! Last year I was very disappointed with the show (sorry to all you Tom Petty fans). I was probably spoiled when two years ago, the "cool one" (aka Prince) brought down the house with his brilliant performance. It really set the standard for me and it would be very hard to top what he did. But when it was announced that Bruce Springsteen was going to perform at half time I was very happy. I actually think that the "Boss" may even be considered an American Tradition himself and I know he'll ROCK the house!

So whether you are a fan or not and whether you are having a BBQ with friends/family, visiting your local hangout or Slow Bowling it up in Paso . . . I want to wish you a fantastic Superbowl Sunday!

And here are a few snapshots of another tradition we like to follow every Superbowl Sunday morning before the parties (I mean festivities) . . . .

Uh, you guys need to get to the start line . . .

It's very important to hydrate folks . . . but let's not get carried away!

How did they get more than two?

Before every great run is a good stretch . . . .

And don't be stared down by your competitors, not matter how bigger they are . . .

And these last two shots are for Anne (Andasamo) on Slow Travel . . .


  1. Great post! Love those photos. What's the old saying, "Beer: The Breakfast of Champions"!?!

    It is American as Apple Pie (or chicken wings or nachos or 101 other junky things we eat on SB Sunday).

    Hope you have a fun day. I'm getting ready to head to Chapel Hill for a party. It's a bit chilly so we are going to build a bonfire!

  2. Kathy, I was already chuckling away looking at the beer photos, etc and then got to the Mamma Mia ones and burst out laughing. I am stereotyped for life on this one, I think! Too funny. Hmm, I haven't watched my DVD in a couple weeks...better remedy that this evening ;)
    You are off to a great start for Feb! Off to post my own entry!

  3. Kathy, I hope the beer comes AFTER the race!

    Great photos (I'd kill to see some of that sand right now!)

  4. My husband is watching the game right now while I spend a bit of time reading blogs. I got near the TV to watch the half time show. It was great but I was waiting for Springsteen to sing Born in the USA. :(

    Love the photos of the doggies and the Mamma Mia ones. Are the first ones from a race or from a beer drinking competition?

  5. I am not a big football fan either. I will watch it if the Patriots are playing, but otherwise, I really don't care who wins. To me, the Superbowl means baseball season is not far away :)

    I took advantage of the day by driving into town, hanging out at the beach for a short while, stopping at the mall, and then going food shopping at Whole Foods. No traffic, no crowds, no problems parking, a wonderful Sunday to be out and about.

  6. Hi Annie, thanks! I think that was the saying yesterday morning too! And yes, I'm sure that all the superbowl fans had a junk food bonanza yesterday(including me!) As usual, I enjoyed everything about Superbowl Sunday. Bruce was awesome and even the game was very good. It got pretty close at the end! So glad I have today off to recover though.

    Hope you had fun at the party last night. The bon fire sounded cool!

    Have a great week Annie!

  7. Hi Anne, I'm glad you got a good laugh!. I thoutht the beer photos were funny too. And when this group ran the race as the part of the cast in Mamma Mia, I did immediately think of you! I have a feeling I always will. :)

    For the race they push a stroller with a big boom box playing songs from the movie soundtrack and dance and run throughout the race. They cracked me up! And in this photo they were singing "Dancing Queen"...

    This blog everyday will be quite fun! I'll go check out what you have up! Have a great week Anne!

  8. Hi Sandra, yes for most of us the beer came after the race. Although for some they came before, during and after. I'm not a big fan of beer. But if they had been serving prosecco, cava or Sangria I would've been in that second group! :)

    I think we can be quite spoiled here in California with our weather. I'll send some warm thoughts your way!

    Have a great week Sandra!

  9. Hi Maria, it's too bad that Arizona couldn't win in the end, but it really was a very good game and I'm sure your husband enjoyed it. I thought Bruce was excellent. And I was hoping he would sing Born in the USA too! I liked Glory Days and his I'm going to Disneyland was pretty funny!

    Glad you liked the doggie photos and the group dressed up like the cast in Mamma Mia. I took all of these photos from a race which gave out free beer to everyone who participated. Nearly 10,000 people took part! :)

    Glad you enjoyed the half time show yesterday. Have a great week Maria!

  10. Hi Girasoli, that's right baseball season is coming up! That'll be fun again to read your Boston Red Sox posts. I don't really follow Baseball, but I do when the Red Sox (and Dodgers) play!

    I have a cousin that always goes to the movies on Superbowl Sunday because she says that it is the best time. No crowds. I'm glad you enjoyed your day out. I think anytime there's no traffic where I live it is wonderful to me too.

    Have a great week Girasoli!

  11. Great post.Your photos are wonderful. And the super bowl tradition is as American as apple pie, even though it is only 43 years old.

  12. Hi Candi, thanks for your comments! Traditions are pretty interesting. It is amazing how huge Superbowl Sunday has become. I even heard the announcers say that the commercial spots sold during the game was somewhere in the millions!

    Thanks again for your comments Candi! I am enjoying reading your blog a lot and I look forward to reading more of your posts especially during Annie's exciting blog everyday challenge.

    Have a great week!


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