Wednesday, February 11, 2009

AI Recap Time-Down to 38 . . .

To open the night, one of my favorites, Adam Lambert, sings “Believe” by Cher. He slowed it down from the original dance version and was good! I wasn’t as impressed as I was last week and for the first time saw too much performance and not enough singing.

Anoop Desai on the other hand is all about singing. I really like him a lot. I also totally loved Matt, the Dueling Piano Player, who sang a brilliant Georgia on my mind. But I have to say that the best performance of the night belonged to Danny Gokey! He even got Simon to smile during his performance. I really think that Danny is going to be the one to beat in this compeition.

My other favorites, Jorge Nunez, Scott Macintyre, Lil Rounds and Jasmine Murray.

And poor "I'm so good" Tatiana barely made the cut. She was originally in the reject group but then got moved to the going through group at the last minute. Of course, whispers went around the room as people wondered whether her presence meant the AI ax for them. She's not one of my favorites, but I actually felt bad for her sitting in the corner by herself.

It was too bad too that Leneshe didn't make it. I was kind of surprised at that decision . . .

BTW, Brenda has her AI recap up and I completely agree with her top picks! Can't wait to hear Annie's recap and picks!

Tonight will be I believe the final cut by the judges and then it'll be our turn to have our say! Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Anoop is awesome (and I'm so glad they showed us a clip of him last night).

    I agree, I was sad to see Leneshe go. Based on what they've showed us so far, I think that overall the guys seems stronger than the girls this year (but they have been stingy with the clips so far!).

    I don't know everyone's names yet but I was glad that the guy with the big hair who forgot the lyrics didn't get cut.

    Danny is great but I think his best friend is pretty aweseome too!

    I'm going to miss tonight's show (it's the big Carolina vs. Duke basketball game and I have to watch that instead) so I hope you'll let me know what happens!

    Happy Wednesday Kathy!

    Go Heels!

  2. Thanks for this AI recap. I have not watched a single episode but because of Brenda's posting went to Youtube last night and watched a few performances. I really like what I saw of Danny and Adam but have not seen much else. I'm going to tune it to see who else is on board. Looks like its going to be a great season.

  3. Crikey, my mountain range that surrounds Canberra, was wreathed in smoke yesterday that had drifted up from down south.

    And it's actually pashmina time here today instead of the usual broiling hot February days we are used to.

    Very queer.

  4. We're so confused on our couch that we thought they were making the cut to 36 last night; so tonight we move on - could we hopefully see the end of Tatiana, please god, tonight?

  5. Hi Annie, I agree with you that the guys are once again much stronger than the girls. I'm also glad that the guy with the big hair who forgot the lyrics moved on. I think the nerves just got to him. He sings good. Danny's friend is very good too, I forgot about him.

    NC vs Duke! You defintely can't miss that game! Goooooo Heels!!

    Enjoy the game Annie!

  6. Hi Barb, I'm glad you watched some of the performances.....Danny and Adam should do well in this competition. My favorite is definitely Danny. I think you would like Anoop also.

    Have a great evening Barb!

  7. Hi Leslie, I'm so glad to stopped by. I did not know about the fires in Australia until I read your blog. I hope the firefighters can contain the fires soon!

    Stay warm and safe Leslie!

  8. Hi Marica, yes I thought last night was it too until they said another cut tonight. I have a feeling that Tatiana may not make the cut tonight as well. Tonight's final cut should be intense. I can't wait for the competition to start next week! :)

    Thanks for you comments and have a nice evening Marcia.

  9. I am really out of the loop on American Idol this year. It took me quite a while just to figure out your blog post title :)

    Your letter is the letter K :)

  10. Hi Girasoli, I can see how the title would would throw a non AI fan off. :)

    Thanks for my letter. Well I can think of a couple of words right off the bat and then went _______!

    Thanks for my letter Girasoli! I'll have to put my heavy duty thinking hat on for this post. I love a challenge! :)

  11. Hi Annie,

    Good one! Kitten is at the top of my list! :)


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