Wednesday, February 18, 2009

AI Recap: First 12 perform . . .

Last night the first 12 contestants performed live in front of the four judges, a live audience and the voting public. The top 36 contestants have been divided into three groups of 12 and only the top 3 singers will move on to the final 12. The final 3 contestants will be selected in their wild card show. The theme was Billboard's top 100 and here's how it went:

Jackie Tohn – Although I liked her from her auditions, I didn’t like her performance last night and I sort of agree with Simon.

Ricky Braddy – Where was this guy the past two weeks? Simon wasn’t jumping out of his seat and said that he had good vocals but no star quality! I thought he was pretty good!

Alexis Grace - With a whole new “dirtier and naughtier” look, Alexis tackled a soulful song by Aretha Franklin and nailed it. I totally loved it!

Brent Keith – First Country singer to perform. I really liked him, but he had mixed reviews from the judges. Simon said his performance was forgettable.

Stevie Wright - It was not very good. Sorry!

Anoop Desai - AnnieNC's fellow Tar Heel sang Angel of Mine by Monica and he was fantastic! I was surprised that the judges didn't like Anoop's performance. However, Simon did say that he has extreme likability! Hopefully the voters will put him in the top three!

Casey Carlson - I think she picked the wrong song!

Michael Sarvar - I thought he was pretty good and I do think he has that likability factor that could get the votes if not in this round but maybe in the Wild Card Show.

Anne Marie Boskovich - From the very beginning, she was one of my favorite female singers. She wasn't as good as Alexis, but I thought she was pretty good. I don't think she'll make the top three in this group but I do hope she gets a shot in the wild card show.

Stephen Fowler - I wasn't a fan of his song choice and his arrangement. And it's too bad because I think he's pretty talented. Can't say that the judges didn't give him a chance though.

Tatiana Del Toro - I didn't expect to like her performance, but I actually did! She was definitely way better than Casey, Stevie and Jackie all put together.

Danny Gokey - Saving the best for last! Singing Hero by Mariah Carey was fitting. Totally awesome! I think he is still the one to beat in this competition.

So here are my top three: Danny, Anoop and Alexis!

And that’s my recap! Keep on rocking AI . . . .


  1. Hi Kathy, excellent recap. I agree with your choice of the three that should make it through tonight.

    I just don't know what to think about this new format. They are keeping us on our toes with all these changes! I felt like there were more than three in this group who deserve to be in the Top 12 but I'm not sure how it's all going to play out.

    And get this...I read in the newspaper this morning that Ricky Braddy is also from North Carolina! Poor guy has received no air time until last night; I thought he had a great voice and I think he might be one that falls between the cracks!

    And since when did Paula become so critical?!? I've never heard her actually judge people like she did last night!!

    Anyway, there's definitely some interesting talent. I know that Maria is too busy with the wedding to watch but I'd love to know what she thinks about Tatiana from her home island of Puerto Rico!

    Have a great day! I can't wait to see what happens tonight!

  2. Hi Annie, I thought this top 36 felt different. I couldn't remember this from last year. I'm glad you noticed it.

    Ricky is also a North Carolinian. I must've missed that on the intro clip.As good as he is, I'm not sure he'll make top three in this group, but I think he has a great chance in the wild card.

    Great observation about Paula. She has been more critical (or should I say more real) this season. I think she still has a tendency to ramble on and on, but she's not as generous with her praise. Maybe the new judge has somthing to do with it. :)

    That's right Tatiana is from Puerto Rico. Well, if somehow she makes it through maybe Maria will get a chance to see her after her son's wedding. It would be totally interesting to hear her take. I'm not sure why, but I'm beginning to actually like her. She definitely stands out!

    Thanks for your recap Annie. I'm looking forward to the next group. I actually forgot about AI (can you believe it) and was going to post Part II of my Alhambra entry. So thanks to AI, I have another stocked piled post! :)

    Have a great day too Annie!

  3. Annie, I forgot to mention, did you see Ted Danson in the Audience? Isn't that just too funny that he is an Idol fan! :)

    Anyway, off to work . . .

  4. Yes, I saw Ted! I had to do a double take to realize it was him!

    If you scroll down on this USA Today blog, there is some "Where are they now?" info about last season's contestants. I'm glad that Brooke is working on an album!

    And this interesting comment about the new format:

    "I've been trying for a while to figure out just how the new semifinal format will play out -- who it will reward, and who it will penalize. It seems to flip the Idol template on its head, rewarding only the best instead of removing only the worst."

    It IS a completely new way to pick the Top 12. Very strange.

    Anyway, have a great day at work!

  5. I think the new format is allowing the judges to be more critical in this stage, and I think that it's a good thing. My money is on Danny, and since I slept through part of it, I will let David's opinion give it up for Alexis. After that, I'm not sure, but Tatiana could be a wild card since the "drama" is good for ratings.
    I heard on the radio this morning that Michael Johns and Carly Smithson are doing a duet on the show this evening.

  6. Kathy and Annie, you are really into this, Wow!
    I didn't actually watch the show last night, but I am excited just from your blog Kathy.

  7. Hi Annie, thanks for giving me that link. I will have to look at that segment on where are they now. I am totally glad that Brooke is working on an album. I really hope it does well!

    It's interesting reading that comment now after last night's show and Anoop not making it! I'm still so bummed about that! I'm crossing my fingers Anoop gets in on the wild card! Sorry about Ricky Braddy not making it either.

    This will definitely be an interesting season.

    Thanks for your comments Annie. Have a great day!

  8. Hi Marica, yes I'm in total agreement. I think Danny is the David Cook of Season 8. And I think Alexis could also get to top 5! And yes, poor Tatiana. I'm not sure what to make of her. She's interesting though!

    Thanks for your comments and hope you and David enjoy next week's group competition. I think some of my other favorites (as well as Annie and Brenda's) are in that group too.

    I think we were 2 for 3 on round one! Let's see what happens next week!

  9. Hi Candi, oh it's so much fun watching AI and following along. Most of it is the singing and talent but some of it is also about the hopes and dreams storylines and I think that's also pretty exciting. It's fun to watch.

    Feel free to stop by anytime Candi! :)

  10. Marcia has a good point about how this new format is allowing the judges to be more critical. They are only praising the ones that they hope will make it so people will vote for them. It's VERY different from the old way when only the lowest vote-getter was let go!

  11. Hi Annie, yes great points. I also agree with you that this system is very different. Wonder why they changed it so much this year. Very Interesting!

    Have a great evening Annie!


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