Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today, I visited the Real Alcazar first thing in the morning (after my 2nd Starbucks Coffee, sorry). The entrance fee is only $7.50 euros and is so worth the entrance. I have one word , WOW! The architecture although looks Moorish was actually built for King Pedro in the 1360’s and his mistress. I think more than the Moorish influenced architecture; I was really impressed with the gardens. There were these orange trees located throughout and truthfully, they looked so good I wanted to just pluck one off one of those branches. There were several areas where these beautiful peacocks and all these ducks roamed the grounds and it was pretty cool seeing them. I even caught one trying to do the mating thing with a hard to get female peacock. He fanned out his tails (which was quite handsome looking), but the female peacock was not interested! Poor thing just got the cold shoulder!

After I strolled through the small alleys of the Barrio Santa Cruz which was pretty cool. The houses are primarily white but are trimmed in these orange and other bright colors. In most of the windows there are pretty potted flowers and the whole scene is just gorgeous. I don’t know why, but all of a sudden I remember the two Spanish Movies that I watched, Volver and Mar Adentro. They have these beautiful courtyards and the benches are not plain and wooden, but are made of these cool looking tiles in birght blue colors.

Next I went to the Cathedral and another wow. Originally a mosque and later they built a cathedral inside. Unbelievably huge inside.

I climbed up the Tower and let me tell you I had to take a c ouple of breaks it was kind of high. But what made it easier was the ramps to get up there rather than steps. But once you finally reach the top and are able to catch your breath the views are spectacular. I could see the Real Alcazar and the Bull ring (which I want to see today) and the whole city of Sevilla. So far the weather has been so good to me. Bright blue clear skys. Awesome!

I really love it here in Sevilla. It seems more laid back and relaxed then Madrid. The people are very friendly and I’m having a blast here too. The relaxed life style has toned my pace down a bit. And it does help that I have a week here. My apartment is just beautiful and so spacious.

Sorry for the fast post, but I'm not sure how long my connection will last and have to make it fast. Somehow I was able to pick up a wi-fi signal here in my apartment and wanted to send out a fast post! Tomorrow I will visit the beautiful town of Cordoba to see the Mesquita and beautiful patios. Today, I'm going to see the bull ring and visit the La Macarena Church and will try to purchase tickets for my Flamenco show (I can't wait for that one).

Well, adios for now! I'm having a blast here! By the way, I have to say this! The train system here in Spain (well, although I'm a big fan of Italy) is so much more efficient and organized. The train stations are so well thought out and I have had no problems finding my correct platforms. And I can't say enough about the AVE trains here in Spain. Awesome!

Okay, now it is adios! Thanks everyone for all of your comments. I appreciate you keeping up with my blog! It's been fun writing and posting as I go along.


  1. Fantastic post! I really love to see peacocks.

    I have "run away" and am up visiting my sister for 3 days. :)

  2. Awesome post and photos! It looks so exotic and beautiful, also looks warm and sunny, so I'm glad that the weather is being good to you. Have to laugh about the peacock playing hard to get.

    And your apartment looks so charming and that BLUE trim! Glad you were able to pick up a signal to post with.

    Glad that you are having such a great time!

  3. First, what's up with the Starbuck's coffee?? :)

    The Real Alcazar sounds and looks like an amazing place to visit and definitely worth 7.50 euros! I loved the photos.

    Good to hear that the train system in Spain is efficient. Maybe Italy can learn a few things :)

    Your apartment is soo cute and huge!! Lucky you to get free wifi.

    I am stealing free wifi myself at the moment since my internet and my tv cable are on the blink and won't be fixed til this weekend at the earliest. I have to wait til the signal goes back up to hit post since it is not very strong.

    Ok...twiddling my thumbs here waiting for the signal to return to publish this comment.

  4. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your stay in Seville. I loved walking around the Alcazar. Have you seen Lawrence of Arabia? Some of the interiors were shot in the Alcazar. I also loved Plaza d'Espana and the beautiful tiles.

  5. Kathy, Seville looks so beautiful -- I love that gorgeous tile bench! The architecture is unbelievable and your apartment looks lovely. (The peacocks look threatening, with very tiny brains. Still, very colourful!)


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