Thursday, April 17, 2008

And then there were six . . .

Although Kristy wasn't one of my favorites on AI, I was really sad to see her leave. I also wasn't too surprised that Brooke was in bottom three because I think her performance on Tuesday wasn't one of her best. Hopefully, she'll do better next week. To her credit I thought Kristy demonstrated great composure having fun with Simon in her finale song. Hopefully, she'll go on to have a great career in Country music and get her poor horse back!

Well, I'm off to Vegas this weekend with a friend for the big B2V event. Don't expect me to blog or report back though because whatever happens in Vegas . . . stays in Vegas! (sorry, but I couldn't resist).

Distractions . . . I have been playing around with Google Video over the weekend as I was still trying to finish my report. It has been fun re-living all the events of my trip, but I'm finding that there are some things that have been easier for me to remember and others that have been more of a challenge. I've actually had to do a bit of research just so I can get the names and locations down correctly. Note to self: Make a better effort to take notes on my next trip!

Anyhoo, one of the things that took no effort for me to recall, was my first experience with Acqua Alta in Venice! Just before I left for Venice I had read about the potential for High Waters. I had even seen photos and videos of this condition but it did not come close to actually being there and experiencing it first hand. So naturally, I took a few video clips of it.

I thought I'd post this little tidbit on the High Waters (better version with more clips and photos of San Marco Square will be forthcoming). The location was on the corner near my apartment. Earlier in the morning I was awaken by these loud sirens and I didn't understand what they were until I read the above link's explanation of what I had heard. I heard it and then went back to sleep and actually woke up a little later than usual.

When I walked out in preparations to start another day of sightseeing I immediately felt something was different. I couldn't hear the splashing of the canal waters that I normally heard each morning. Why? Well, because the water had risen more than two feet and was actually spilling over onto the street. I literally stood on this corner mesmerized by everything. I was probably there a good 30 minutes before I composed myself to walk the other way towards the Salute stop. And then I headed over to San Marco to see more "High Waters." How could I not?


  1. Hi Kathy, hope you have a blast in Vegas!

    Loved watching that video - it makes me homesick for Venice. Some people tip-toe and the ones with the boots just plow through the water!

  2. Kathy (Trekcapri)April 17, 2008 at 7:15 PM

    Thanks Annie, I'm actually going to force myself to go to bed early tonight. We leave for Vegas around noon tomorrow and knowing us we probably won't sleep for the next 36 hours. Yikes!

    I'm glad you got a kick out of that video. I also miss Venice a lot.

    It was so interesting watching everyone's technique crossing that little patch of high water.

    I just love traveling so much.


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