Thursday, March 13, 2008

They're safe . . . .

Whew! I was pretty confident that my favorite six on AI were going to fly through this week, but sometimes you just never know. Even if it was David A's weakest performance, I knew the popular vote would keep him in the top 11. And it did!

Although David H. wasn't my favorite (not because of his little stripper scandal but because he simply doesn't bring any originality to his performance), I honestly felt that Kristy was way worse on Tuesday with that horrible country rendition of "Eight Days a Week" Yuk!

I think Carley and Brooke did the best job on Tuesday with Rocker nurse Amanda following closely in third. You know, I just really like Amanda for her uniqueness and individuality. She really has a genuine Rock persona and energy during each of her performances. I love it!

For the guys, David Cook was the best (although I agree with Simon that his performance last week was better) with Chikezie following in second and Micahel Johns and Jason Castro a distant third!

Keep on rocking AI!

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