Monday, May 21, 2018

Tokyo Adventures: Using the Tokyo Subway Metro System

Although I'm not new to using public transportation during my travels, I felt a bit of anxiety when looking at Tokyo's subway map.  The Tokyo Metro Subway is an extensive system run by several different companies.  The cost of a ticket will depend on your departure and arrival stations and also if you will need to transfer from one line to another.  According to their website:
  • The alphabet letter represents the subway line name. 
  • In the subway route map, the station number is shown according to the subway line.
  • Station numbers are circled with a color that represents the subway line. 

After doing much research, I've decided that purchasing a Suica Card would be our best option. This is a prepaid smart card that will allow us to use most public transport (metro, trains, buses, monorail) in Japan.  The card is debited for every trip when we touch the card (upon entering and exiting) to the reader  This will save us a lot of time in trying to figure out the cost of our metro rides each time we use it.

There is a 500 yen (about $4.50 US) deposit to purchase this card which is good for use on the different metro lines.  When our balance runs low we can add more funds at designated machines that can be found at major JR East stations.  The Suica card can also be used at vending machines, for on board train purchases and at some designated convenient stores and restaurants.

How To Get to and from Narita Airport and Tokyo:  There are different options (ie., Train, Limousine Bus, City Bus) for getting from Narita Airport to central Tokyo Station.

After my research, it seems like we can take the Narita Express train (53 minutes) to Tokyo Station at a cost of approximately 3,000 yen ($27).   From Tokyo Station we can use the Metro Subway to get to our hotel.

Helpful Apps - Along with Google Maps, I've downloaded a few new apps that will help us to get around using the Tokyo Subway System.

Google Maps - I have created a Google Map for my trip which I have already included my lodging, must see sights, popular restaurants and shopping spots.  This will help us to find our must see sights while exploring around Tokyo.  This app can also be used to provide directions on how to get around using the metro system, but providing the name and location of the metro stops and the name of the metro lines I will be using as well as the approximate times for how long it will take us.

Tokyo Metro App

NaviTime App

Rome to Rio App

It's been a great learning experience writing my pre-trip blog posts and with all my airline tickets, lodging and day trip tours confirmed I think the only thing left to do is relax.  I think this is the earliest I've completed my trip preparations and plans.  I guess this happens when one is retired. Now all I have to do is relax and have a great summer until I leave for my trip

Or . . . I could start planning my 2019 plans. Ha Ha.
JR East Japan Railway Company
JR East Japan Railway Company N'EX (Narita Express) Information

Tokyo Metro Subway 

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