Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day: Three Best Things

The three best things I remember the most about my dad is first, his hard work ethic.  With not even a High School Diploma, my father worked hard to succeed in life and as a father. 

He worked two jobs and what I admired so much about him was his work ethic to do the best job that he could.  He always received awards and praise from his supervisors for being a hard worker who always had a big smile no matter what. While growing up I remember when he came home from his part-time job as a bellman for the Holiday Inn, he would ask for our help in counting his tips.  It became a fun tradition for us and we always looked forward to it.  And since he was so great at what he did and the customers liked him, he got a lot of tips.  After we counted his tips for him, he would give us like $5 each to spend on treats.   

When he finally retired, my mom threw him a huge well deserved Retirement party at the Sheraton Waikiki Hotel.  We did a slide show for him, my mom hired a band and well over 300 people attended.  He was so happy.  It was cool that he was able to enjoy 15 years of his retirement.

Second, he had the best smile and laugh.  He always enjoyed a good laugh and loved telling stories of his life and yet I found the ones where he was heroic in we never heard him tell.  We learned of these amazing stories from our uncle while sitting in his hospital room.  

Finally, he was so devoted to his family.  This is an old photo of him holding my sister (I was still in mom's tummy at the time).  Everything he did and worked for was so he could make a better life for his family. He worked hard to be able to give us the things he never had when he was young.   

Thank you so much Dad for everything you did for us, for all the sacrifices you made and for always being there when we needed you. He was the best father ever.  With much love always! 

Happy Father's Day Dad!

And a very Happy Father's Day to everyone!


  1. Hi Kathy, this is such a sweet post. Your dad sounds amazing! So glad he was able to enjoy so many years of happy retirement. And Happy "First Day of Summer" too!

    1. Hi Annie, awe, thanks so much for your comments. Happy first day of summer to you too!

  2. Great tribute to your dad! Loved reading about how devoted he was to your family. Yay for summer!!!

  3. Hi Giasoli, thanks so much for your comments. Hope you're enjoying your summer in your new home and your retirement. I'm next July 22, 2016! Can't wait. :)


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