Monday, November 10, 2014

2014 Trekcapri's Portugal Travel Adventures: Tram 28, A Knight and a Castle

St. George Castle sits atop a hill guarding the Tagus.  It dates back from the Moorish occupation in the 10th century.  This site has been a fortress for centuries, possibly from 500 AD. The castle is an important part of Lisbon's historical past.  Today, it provides a wonderful panoramic view of the River Tagus and the Alfama medieval district, which is spread out below it.  With some luck, the sun made it's appearance to help highlight the red colored rooftops of the old neighborhood below.  You can even see the 25th of April and the Cristo statue in the far distance.  

I climbed up to walk along the castle walls which was pretty cool.  It started to rain once again so I had to put away my big camera but managed to snap some photos with my iTouch, so the quality isn't so great 

I just missed a performance of knights doing battle in the main court area which was a bummer  I did, however, manage to catch my next hottie posting on this trip  A knightly addition to my collection. Nothing like a knight doing battle messing up his hair and causing swear to pour down his face to make a hottie list.  

The grounds of the castle are planted with olive, pine and cork trees and is a pleasant spot for taking in views of the city. The entrance fees are 8.50 euros.  Try to arrive early to beat the tour crowds later in the afternoon. 

Another fun thing I did these past two days was to take a ride on famous Tram 28.  The interior is made of wood and it's such a fun way to ride through the Alfama District.  

And lucky me! There is a wonderful Gelato place across the street from my apartment. I've gone there every night and it is as near to the real deal as I've come across tasting.  I think all the workers already know me. I asked the girl if I could take her photo making my gelato and she said sure!  My last photo will illustrate why. So cool (not to mention yummy!)

I'm working on a very short video and I hope to post that soon. 

And the Dream lives on . . . .


  1. Knights! And gelato - sounds like a great day! I love seeing those red rooftops too.

    Thanks for the update - hope you keep having fun.

    1. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments and for liking my photos Knights & gelato, what a pairing, huh :) I saw the most amazing church today! I'll do a post soon. Hope you had a wonderful Veterans Holiday off.


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