Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Retirement Sis: Congratuations!

Today is a very special day for my sis!  After 34 years of helping others to heal (she was a Registered Nurse for Kaiser Permanente), she is retiring!  I am so happy for her and I wanted to congratulate her in all that she has accomplished in her profession. 

I remember once when both my parents were so sick, we spent so many nights sleeping on chairs in their hospital rooms. The nurses were always so comforting to them and to us.  When my mom was sick, I remember this one young nurse, probably right out of nursing school. One night, as she checked in with my mom at the end of her shift, she had tears in her eyes. I never forgot her smile as she comforted my mom for what turned out to be the last time that she could.  My eyes well up to this day every time I remember that very touching moment.  

Nursing is a great profession and I know that my sis helped so many people in her career as I'm sure that young nurse went on to do over the years.  I am so proud of my sis and I am so happy for all of her accomplishments!

Congratulations sis on your awesome and long successful career in Nursing. Now go out and relax, go golfing and just have fun and enjoy your retirement years! And btw, I look forward to seeing you in Vegas soon! :)


  1. What a wonderful post. Congratulations and happy retirement to your sister!

    And PS - did you see Prince on Saturday Night Live last weekend? He was awesome - I thought about you!

    Have a great trip to Portugal!!!!

    1. Hi Annie thanks so much for your kind comments. I'm very happy for my sis! Would you believe I fell asleep before Prince came on! Hopefully someone recorded it on YouTube or something! :)


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