Friday, May 30, 2014

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Jewelry

Here is a colorful display of Peruvian made products that I found while shopping at the Pisac Sunday Market in Peru. 

They had some beautiful jewelry, wallets, pens, coin purses and even shot glasses. 

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  1. What colorful market wares!

    Markets often are fantastically photogenic places, I find. :)

    1. Hi YTSL, yes and the Sunday Markets in Peru are so colorful and it was a fun place to take photos. :)

      Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love the pretty colours. Love to visit Sunday markets where I can get handmade products.

  3. That's something for me ! I love fashion jewelry from other countries !

  4. Love all those vivid colors! A very nice photo, Kathy. I bet visiting the markets in Peru was so much fun. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments .....

    ECL, me too. The markets in Peru & Buenos Aires are so cool and I enjoy checking out all their handmade products. I'll have to do a post of my enjoyments that I purchased while there. :)

    Gattina, I'm not big on jewelry but I did pick up a couple of items that were actually very inexpensive and colorful.

    Annie, I love the colors too. The markets in Peru were a lot of fun. So much so that I visited this Pisac market twice. :)

    Sue, yes I'd agree. :)

    Thanks everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I have always lived Peruvian artwork. So creative and colorful! It must have been so amazing to see all the various products in person!


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