Friday, January 17, 2014

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Two

My tale of how two oars in a boat made it to the ocean.  First, this requires two Italian dudes, not one.

The two Italian dudes push the two oars and boat over these wooden planks.

One of the two dudes, moves the planks from the back . . . .

to the front .  . .

Then the two Italian dudes push again.

Until the two oars and boat reach the ocean. 

Push just a little bit more over this wave.

Okay, that's good.  Now one of the two dudes climbs in.

The one dude then puts his two oars from his boat in the ocean and voila.  Another day at the office.  

And what a beautiful office Positano, Italy makes.

The End.  :) 

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  1. A cool set of photos and an amusing way to tell the story behind them. :)

    1. Hi YTSL, glad you like my tale of two oars and two Italian dudes. :) Have a great weekend.

  2. Interesting and fun story. Bet if they were better looking men, you would run forward to help. hahaha....

  3. Kathy, this is such a great story! Really makes me smile. And that beautiful blue water is such a great sight.

  4. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments....

    ECL, :) but if I went to help it would've thrown off my story. It was fun watching them. And to the left of them were these kids fishing. Fun day at the beach.

    Annie, doesn't that water just make you want to dive right it. So clean and beautiful. Okay, I must admit, I did play with the water a bit. Misjudged an incoming wave and the bottom of my pants got a little wet. :)

    Thanks so much girls. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. This was very creative Love it! Such a beautiful location too :)

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for liking my take for the week. Positano is so beautiful, I visited 3 times from Praiano. :) Have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Kathy,
    I found this blog by going click on the "next blog" button at the top of my own page. You are having a great time and i love your pics of the boat launch. Went to Naples last October and stayed at Vico Equense in a lovely hotel while we did the Pompeii/Herculaneum visits.
    Hope you are loving it as much as we did.
    Cheers Gillian

    1. Hi Gillian, that's cool how you found me. The Amalfi Coast is so beautiful and a wonderful place to "play" in. :) I actually took these photos in 2011 when I spent 3 weeks in a small town called Praiano. I loved visiting Pompeii but have not seen Herculaneum yet. Maybe some day. Isn't Southern Italy (South of Rome) lovely.

      Thanks so much for your kind comments. Happy Travels to you.

  7. Hehehe, what a nice story ! It only surprises me that they were not talking with their hands in the first picture !


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