Saturday, November 9, 2013

2013 Peruvian Adventures: Coming to you Live from Peru

After a long and I mean long travel two days I finally made it to my home away from home at least for the next few weeks.  I had a very comfortable flight (anything is comfortable even lowly economy class when the seat next to you is empty! Whoo hoo!  The 55 minute flight from Lima to Cuzco was brilliant. Like white cotton balls the clouds float by as the sunrises to show the amazing landscape below.  A small preview I'm sure.

I arrived in Cuzco with a greeting that could feel like you just got the wind knocked out of you. At first I thought the high altitude isn't too bad but after a few steps it hit me!  It took me forever, stopping to catch my breath a couple of times, I slowly made my way to the baggage claim to thankfully see my bag spinning around the carousel. While walking around town a bit I'm still dealing with the high altitude and I have had a slight headache which the large supply of extra strength Tylenol has been able to cure. Thankfully I have not had more seriously issues like nausea or that it has affected my asthma. I'm very thankful for these small travel gifts 

My driver, Raul, was waiting for my and drove me first to Pisac so I could see the open market and then on to Ollyantambo.  My hotel is is a prime location so close to everything and my room has the most amazing view the ruins. Very cool.  I'm very thankful that my hotel has WiFi but it is very slow and loading is time consuming, plus the Internet went out last night. I'll post more later, but for now I'm heading down for the included breakfast. :)


  1. An empty seat, truly a gift from the travel gods these days! Glad you made it and hope that the high altitude adjustment goes smoothly and quickly. Jet lag is bad enough but I can imagine that altitude is a whole other ballgame.

    Have fun!

    1. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I wasn't so lucking on my second flight to get an empty seat mate but it was only 55 minute so it wasn't bad. I was really spoiled though. :)


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