Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday's PhotoHunting: My Morning

My morning at the beach today was a bit hazy.  But it's the weekend and I feel so happy and sunny both inside and out, because I don't have to go to work.

I took this photo this morning just above the bike path near Redondo Beach Pier.  Joggers, cyclists, walkers, volleyball players, paddle boarders, surfers, fishermen, scuba divers and photogs are out and about enjoying the remaining days of Summer 2013. 
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  1. wonderful. I love to start my day on the beach!!

  2. I love weekends too!

    BTW, Kathy, have you changed the scheduling of your Photo Hunt entries? It used to be that I'd go visit on what was my Saturday morning and I'd see your entry but that hasn't happened the last couple of weeks or so.

  3. Hi Aspirit & YTSL, thanks so much for your comments.....

    Aspirit, me too. I enjoy being near the water as much as I can. Its always very soothing to me.

    YTSL, I usually put up my photos on Friday, but have been a little late finding my photos until either Friday night or Saturday morning. And then I had a couple of projects the past couple of weeks which cut into my PH time. :) But I should be back on schedule again. I prefer to get my PH done by Friday morning or night at the latest. Which reminds me I need to start thinking about next weeks theme.

    Thanks so much Aspirit & YTSL. Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. With this beautiful view it has to be a good morning !

  5. Love this glimpse into life on the west coast, Kathy! You are lucky to live so close to the ocean -the Atlantic is a couple of hours away for me so I don't get there as much as I wish. Hope you are doing great!


    Hi Kathy, I stumbled across this article and of course, thought of you. Very interesting stuff in His Purpleness' fridge!

    1. Hi Annie, I checked out that article. What a cool find. I lol when the writer asked why he had that sausage when he's a vegan. Most likely someone's meal. lol The different mustards are also very interesting.

      I enjoyed the article so much. Thanks for sharing the link Annie. Hope you have a wonderful Long weekend.

    2. Yeah, I lol at that part too. I bet he has people working for him who aren't vegan! The so many mustard thing is funny and also that he wouldn't allow photos but did allow them to make drawings! What a character he is.

    3. Yes, Prince is definitely a unique and complex personality. Did I ever tell you the story of one of my co-workers friend. When she worked as a waitress at this restaurant, Prince came to eat. He order a really simple meal and was very quiet but nice. He left before she went to the table, but he paid for his meal and left a CD of his Diamonds and Pearls Sonce and in it was a $100 tip. I love hearing these stories of him. As you said, he is a character. :)

      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for passing along the article I loved reading it.

  7. Hi Gattina, thanks for liking my morning view. :) Have a wonderful week.

    Annie, I love the beach and feel very fortunate to be so close. I bet the Atlantic ocean is pretty cool. Long Holiday weekend coming up! :) whoo hoo! Have a great long weekend.


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