Saturday, May 4, 2013

Walking the Camino-Six Ways to Santiago: My Review

While I was checking my various social media feeds a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a post about this highly anticipated documentary called Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago.  It was scheduled for a 4th showing at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Thursday, May 2, 2013. I had heard about this independent film and I really wanted to see it, so I e-mailed my friends to see if they wanted to watch it and off we went. 

This was actually the first Film Festival screening that I have ever attended and I thought it was pretty cool. I was so surprised to see that not only was the Film Director/Producer, Lydia B. Smith, there but one of the pilgrims featured in the film, Annie O'Neil, was present.  She's also a friend of the director and a co-producer.  She was really funny in the film and just as funny in person.  Then after the film they held a Q&A for the audience to answer questions. Very cool!
I thought the documentary was excellent and very inspiring.  The star of the film is, of course, the Camino pilgrimage itself, but I would say that the co-stars of the film is this part of Northern Spain and the people (both pilgrims and locals).  The cinematography was gorgeous from the tight shots of the raindrops on leaves to the breathtaking fields of grass, mist covered mountains and colorful sunsets. 
We are introduced to 6 pilgrims who venture on the their Camino. They are from all walks of life and they all have their own individual reasons for doing the Camino.  They are real, honest and they take us along on their journey in a way that makes us invested in their experiences, the pain, the joy and the revelations .
The Camino is yes a pilgrimage rooted in religion and traditions, however, for the modern day pilgrim this Camino can offer that and more.   Pilgrims are drawn to the Camino to walk, to contemplate, for self-discovery, to experience the beauty of Northern Spain and to enjoy the company of and to learn from their fellow pilgrims and the many locals along the way.

Is the Camino about the number of miles we have to walk or the pain we must overcome? That certainly is a part of it, but in the end, I think the Camino is whatever we want it to be.  The Camino is an experience that will change something inside of us and that something will become a part of who we are long after our Camino.  

After the Q&A, Annie passed out these patches to put on our backpacks when we do our Camino, which is very cool!

If you get a chance to watch this film, I would highly recommend it.  Buen Camino!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful doc, I must try to find it on the Internet!

  2. Hi Sandra, I think you may be able to find several clips of the documentary as I have seen a few on Youtube. They are still trying to find a distributor so they can release the film on DVD. It's a well made film and very inspiring. I need all the inspiration I can get. :)

    Thanks so much for your comments. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Thanks for the info - I want to watch this doc too! That's very cool that you were able to attend. I love the patch!

  4. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I think you would totally enjoy this film. And one of the pilgrims has your name too!

    Yes, the patch is cool. I'm waiting for another patch from the American Pilgrims group. I'll sew them on to my backpack as a way to support the film and the group. I'm really surprised that they didn't show the film in LA, but thankfully, Newport is only an hour away from me.

    Thanks so much for your comments. Have a wonderful week.


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