Sunday, March 31, 2013

2012 South America Adventures: My First Encounter Meeting a Coati

A Coati is a member of the raccoon family.  They have a long nose and measure about 33-44 inches in length.  Before my trip I had watched videos of them and was looking forward to seeing them in person.  Surprisingly, I saw them only three times, twice from far away and only once up close and personal. 

Here's a quick video I took of my first up close encounter of a coati.


  1. What cute creatures. I've never even heard of them! I love animals. Thanks for introducing me to coati. :)

  2. Hi Annie, these little guy was very cute. They come around looking for food but we are told not to feed them. This was the only one I saw up close so I literally followed him around until he ducked behind the trash cans. :)


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