Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2012 South America Adventures: Perito Moreno Glacier Tour

After watching so many videos of the Perito Moreno Glacier I was really looking forward to this tour.  It is one of three glaciers that continues to grow.  As I mentioned before the size is so huge that you could fit the city of Buenos Aires here.

My Perito Moreno Tour starts off with my hotel pick up again, but this time it is a smaller tour bus (almost shuttle like) with fewer tour mates which is kind of nice.  And on the bus they provide a tour guide (Ines) who proceeds to provide interesting information and pointing some of the animals who inhabit this area to us.

One of the more interesting ones was a pair of vultures that she saw in the distance.  This isn't a very good photo from my Nikon AW100 but zooming and cropping in, you can see them.  They are huge!

We travel a different route to a different port on this tour.  Here our guide collects our Park Entrance Fees to pay it for us.

Next we board our boat.

We're approaching the glacier.

On this tour we approach the South Side of the Glacier which gives me a different look from the All Glaciers Tour.

It is just as spectacular.

After the (optional) boat tour, we re board our bus and head over to the Cat Walk.  There is a nice facility here for the all important restroom break and a cafe and souvenir shop.

I, of course skip lunch and make a B-Line to the Cat walk.  We have 2 hours here to roam around  on our own.  With our entrance ticket we are given a little plastic bag for our trash. I brought some snacks and at the catwalk there are nice benches to sit with the entire view of the glacier.  I mean who wants to be in a stuffy cafe when you have this view.

After our bus picks us up we stop briefly at a viewing point for one last look at this amazing glacier.

Then our guide treats us to this very delicious chocolate and this really nice Blueberry drink (with alcohol). I can't remember the name of it, other than it was surprisingly yummy!  Let's just say I had a nice nap on the way back. :)

Here's a 360 Panaroma view at the Cat Walk . . .

And here's a short video of my Perito Moreno Glacier Tour. I was really lucky to catch a small piece of ice breaking off the glacier which was really cool.


  1. Aren't the distances and flat scenery amazing. You had a wonderful experience at this glacier and so lucky to get up close to it.

  2. Oh wow, what a stunning place! Must have been amazing to see this glacier up close and personal...and what a thrill to witness the baby break!! Thanks for sharing your pics and vids, they are fabulous.

  3. How unusual, to see a glacier that's actually growing. And how cool, to be able to get up so close (and take us along with you!) What an experience.

  4. Wow! Who knew that ice could be so beautiful?! Amazing colors - love all the blue. You got some fantastic photos of it! Thanks for sharing this very cool experience.


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