Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 South America Adventures: Hasta luego . . .

Well, today is a very important day!  President Barak Obama has been elected to serve his second term as our president.  Whoo hoo!  Today is also the day before I leave for my first trip ever to South America.  :)

It's funny that this time 4 years ago (2008), I left for Spain the next day and I remember being up until 11:00 waiting for McCain to declare defeat to newly elected Presidential candidate, Barak Obama.  My, how these past four years have flown by.  This time around, I didn't have to wait as long for Romney's concession speech, but I did have to wait until President Obama did his victory speech.  And let me tell you that it was so worth me staying up for.

Now that this long campaign has ended and I know that America will be in excellent hands for the next four years, I'm ready to play!  I leave tomorrow morning on my long flight to South America.  I have a brief stop-over in Lima, Chile and then on to Buenos Aires.  The apartment owner who has been wonderful to work with, has arranged for a car service to meet me at the airport and take me to the apartment in Palermo Soho where his apartment manager Guile will meet me. She's very cool!  I had a flight change which has me arriving much earlier than check-in time but apparently it will not be a problem for them. yay! 

The apartment is in a great location nearby to Plaza Serrano, a cool hangout for locals and tourists.  There are cafe's, restaurants, shops located all around which will make for some fun chill out explorations. Located on the 5th floor my apartment has a nice terrace where I will have a great view of the street below and on the rooftop there is place to hang out as well.

I have read about Argentina's history, have practiced my Spanish and my photography and I have a wonderful list of sights on my itinerary to visit.  I have a few restaurant recommendations that I will try, I signed up for a tour to attend a soccer game with the very famous team La Boca Jrs and I have a couple of really cool overnight day trips to El Calafate (Patagonia) and Iguazu Falls. There's a small chance that I may do another short day trip, but I'm not really sure that I'll have the time as Buenos Aires is so big that I will be very busy already. After all, I'm still trying to maintain my good standing as a Slow Traveler.

I plan on blogging, tweeting and posting on Google plus hopefully with all original posts for each.  You can follow me on my twitter feed located on my side bar and feel free to scroll down as I may be doing quite a bit of quick tweets.  I will do my usual live blogging here and will also share as many photos as I can.  May even do a couple of videos.    
I want to say thank you to my family, friends, blogging friends and fellow Slow Travelers for the inspiration and encouragements, especially to the Slow Travel Community and founder of Slow Travel, Pauline Kenny (Slow Europe).  If I had not stumbled onto Slow Travel years ago, I am pretty certain that my travel experiences would have been far different than what it has been.  I am so grateful and appreciative.
I've created this dorky logo to put on all my live blog posts!  There's no real reason for it other than my creative side making an appearance. ha, ha! 
Thanks for being interested in following my adventures!  And if I don't get a chance to say this while on the road, I want to wish everyone a great month in November and for those who celebrate, a very Happy Thanksgiving.  
¡Hasta luego . . .


  1. Safe travels to you Kathy! It's funny but I was thinking today that it's hard to believe that 4 years have passed since we were all so happy to see him elected? Remember how excited I was that North Carolina actually was a blue state? Unfortunately, my home state didn't do so well this time but I just saw on the news that the NC county where I live voted 76% for Obama! So at least I live in the right place, heh heh.

    Hasta luego and I'm looking forward to visiting Argentina vicariously along with you!

  2. Have a very safe trip, Kathy, and a wonderful time in Argentina! I'm looking forward to reading all about it!

  3. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments,

    Annie, wow 76%! Yes you are definitely on the right place in NC. :) I was so nervous about the election and was so happy that Obama was re-elected and was more happy that it wasn't as close as some of the polls reported! Whoo hoo! Ciao Ciao (they actually say that here too)

    Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. I hope to blog as much as I can. This is an incredible city. So full of life and a very colorful culture, packed with an interesting history.

    Thanks so much Annie & Sandra.


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