Sunday, August 26, 2012

2012 South America Adventures: Buenos Aires - La Boca and San Telmo

The remaining barrios on my must see list is a mixture of old, new, traditional and modern.  They are appealing because they provide visitors with a diverse and interesting glimpse into the Argentine culture, their history, customs and way of life.

La Boca (or the "mouth" in Spanish) is a very popular tourist attraction and is best known for its colorful houses and a pedestrian street called the Caminito where tango artists perform.  In fact they say that La Boca is the birthplace of the Tango.

And for all you sports fans it is also where you'll find la Bombonera which is the home of the very popular Boca Juniors soccer club.  To get the full Argentine experience, I hope to attend one of their games, using a tour company. Could be fun! 

Aside from the touristy joys and colorful photo opps that I'll have visiting La Boca, the history is anything but.  This was the place where immigrants (many of whom from Italy, Spain and other European countries) came to settle in Buenos Aires all looking for a better life.  They were met with great hardships.  The primary colors of yellow, blues, reds were left over boat paint used to brighten up the materials they used to construct their makeshift homes.  This was a place of extreme hardship and  even today outside of the main tourist area, many still live in poverty.  I've read several warnings to travelers visiting this neighborhood cautioning us to be extra careful. I will heed their warnings and not venture outside of the main touristy area.

But before I leave La Boca I must visit the Pizzería Banchero for a Fugazza con queso (onion and cheese pizza).  I heard of this long standing family run restaurant from blogging friend Annie (Churches in Venice) who shared a link to a traveler who visited there and took lots of great photos.  HERE is his close-up photo of this amazing deep dish pizza. Food is an important part of the travel experience and it is wonderful to partake especially in a place which has such a long history in this neighborhood.  

San Telmo is the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires and is known for its cobblestoned streets, old churches, cafes, tango parlors and a popular antique fair.  My must see list includes:

- Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires
Feria de San Telmo (San Telmo Antique Fair) I'll have to time this visit for a Sunday between 10 am and 4 pm to see the nearly 270 stands at Plaza Dorrego where the fair is located.
- Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Trinity which was consecrated in 1901. In the late 19th century there were several waves of immigration to Argentina and among many Russians came to settle in Buenos Aires.  The Russian Orthodox Cathedral was built for this growing community in San Telmo.
Next up - Downtown (El Centro), Monserrat, Puerto Madero, Recoleta and Mataderos.


  1. La Boca sounds so interesting, and colourful - and the pizza looks mouthwatering! What a great experience this is going to be!

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. La Boca does sound interesting and mouthwatering is the right description! :) I'm beginning to get really excited now that it's getting closer.

      Have a wondeful evening and week.

  2. You've done so much great research - that Orthodox Cathedral sounds very intriguing. And I hope the pizza is fantastic! I know you must be getting so excited...

    1. Hi Annie, yes that Orthodox Cathedral looks kind of cool and it stood out in my research. Thank goodness for wikipedia :) I have a feeling that pizza will be very delicious, cheese oozing everywhere. That could be lunch and dinner for me. Yes, I'm getting pretty excited but nervous at the same time so I've stepped up my research and am begging to book my tours so I can pay for them ahead of time and not have to withdraw so much cash other than for daily expenses. :)

      Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great day. Long weekend comming up. :)


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