Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 South America Adventures: Argentina Has it All

This year I'll be traveling to the country of Argentina in South America.  It's my first non European trip and I am really looking forward to this new adventure. 

Home to 40 million inhabitants, Argentina is the second largest country in South America with a varied geography.   From the great electric city of Buenos Aires, the wines of Mendoza to the extreme and magnificent natural wonders of  the Andes to the South and the mighty Iguazú Falls to the north, Argentina simply has it all. 

I found it interesting that although located in South America, most Argentines are of Spanish and Italian descent giving it a very European flavor. 

My primary base will be in the City of Buenos Aires also known as "the Silver Queen" or due to its wide streets, the "Paris of the South".  This vibrant and lively city is the birthplace of the very sensual dance, the Tango and where Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) can enjoy a wide selection of street cafes, shops, and museums and a well known nightlife.  Yes, indeed Buenos Aires and its high octane atmosphere will be an exciting place to base.  I have booked a wonderful apartment in the very trendy neighborhood of Palermo Soho only two blocks away from the famous Plaza Serrano.  I am looking so forward to my stay and the opportunity to living the life of a Porteño and absorbing as much of Argentine's culture as I possibly can.

Due to the large distances between attractions in Argentina, for this trip I'm going to actually step out of the usual "Slow Travel" philosophy and make a couple of long day trips (3 nights each) to visit two of Argentina's most magnificent natural wonders, Iguazú Falls and the Perito Moreno Glacier .  So why pick these particular attractions to visit during my stay in Argentina.  Well, they say that Argentina is a place that has it all and so I wanted the experiences of my first visit to South America to reflect that claim.

I am now less than 3 months away from this great adventure and I will write at least 3 pre-trip posts about my plans to help me prepare.  Travel is so much fun!

Next up, the City of Buenos Aires awaits . . .


  1. How fun! I'm looking forward to coming back and reading all about your trip! I've read such amazing things about Iguazu Falls -- make sure to take lots of photos.

  2. Hi Colleen, thanks so much for your comments. I can't wait to see Iguazu Falls. I'll definitely take loads of photos. Even invested in a waterproof camera for the boat ride. :)

    Have a fabulous trip too!

  3. I know you must be getting so excited!

    A Lover of Venice has a page about the Buenos Aires and Italian/Venetian connection.

    I too can't wait to see your photos of those Falls.

    Happy trip planning!

  4. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. Wow, I had no idea that there was an Italian/Venetian connection to Buenos Aires. I just read that link and have booked marked it, maybe I will be able to find some of the places mentioned. I think the falls will be amazing. I've been practicing my technique and studying other photos to get an idea of how to photograph them. It is so huge and beautiful. I hope I can find a rainbow too.

    Thanks so much for sharing that very informative link. I love learning that there is a BA-Venice connection!

    Have a great week.

  5. Wow, Kathy! South America is the one continent I've yet to visit so I look forward to viewing your South American photos. :)

  6. Hi YTSL, my first time to this South America continent too. I just had a long discussion with someone who spent 6 weeks in Buenos Aires on a study abroad program and she loved it. Really cool to hear that. On my quest to try to visit as many continents in this world as I possibly can. :)

    Thanks so much for your comments. I hope I'll do justice with my photos. :)

  7. Oh how fabulous!!! I don't know if I'll ever make it to S. America, but I sure hope to some day! My next trip (fingers crossed) will be France next mom wants to go and once again she wants me to be her travel planner/companion! (Yay me!!)

    I just commented on Annie's blog that I've been neglecting my blog this summer. I'm working this month at the church where I have my student placement. The ministry team are all on vacation until Sept 4, so I'm on my own, which is an amazing learning opportunity. I've enjoyed preaching every Sunday, and visiting people in hospital etc. I even had a funeral this is a real blessing and privilege to walk with people during their time of grief. I feel even more strongly that pastoral ministry is where I am meant to be.

    I hope all is going well in your world! Look forward to hearing about your South American travels!!

  8. Hi Anne, thanks so much for your comments. Lucky you to be going to France on a mother/daughter trip. I'm sure it will be a blast!

    It definitely sounds like this was your calling in life and I'm so happy for you. It's great that have this great summer placement opportunity working at the church while the ministry team are on vacation. They definitely left the church in very good hands. Sounds like you are very busy but in a very good way.

    Hope you are having a great summer so far. Take care.


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