Friday, July 13, 2012

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Metal (Possible End of Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin, Germany)

I featured the Graffiti/Street Art of Kunsthaus Tacheles in a previous post HERE and for this week's theme I thought I would post some of the creative and interesting metal sculptures I found as well.  

In writing this post and researching for more links I stumbled upon several articles declaring that an end could be in sight for this unique and popular haven for artists.  Once a thriving Department store, this structure strewn with a mixture of street art, photos, graffiti, old posters, bullet holes and a backyard of metal sculptures, an old beat up VW wagon and a pink flamingo bar may soon come to an end.   HERE is an article written in 2011 about it's soon to be demise and there are even more rumors swirling around on the Internet that the closure is pretty eminent citing the end of July 2012 as a possible date.

I do understand that times change and when they do we have to change along with it.  But there was something very appealing about this place. Kunsthaus Tacheles represents a free spirit and a venue for artistic self expression against what is supposed to be mainstream.  An intriguing and dramatic storyline about us versus them.   Maybe that is why I found it fascinating.

But having been there, this part of Berlin like many other neighborhoods in the city are constantly evolving and you might say that the writing was on the wall about its future.  I just hope that when they do build that new shopping center or high rise hotel that the owners do something to memorialize the artistic freedom and spirit that Kunsthaus Tacheles was known for, and which I find represents the spirit of Berlin and Berliners.    

So, if it is the end of Kunsthaus Tacheles, I find some solace in the fact that I can always revisit it through my memories and photos.  Here are several photos that I took of the Metal Sculptures I found in their backyard gallery.

To see more PhotoHunters, you can visit Gattina's Kehole Pictures website HERE!  


  1. Hi Kathy --

    I've only ever visited Berlin once -- back in the summer of 1989. I bet that your idea of Berlin and mine have significant differences -- not least because when I visited, the Berlin Wall was still up. How times and Berlin can change indeed...

    1. Hi YTSL, it would have been interesting to have seen Berlin before the wall came down, but then again I'm not sure that I would've been brave enough to visit back then as a solo traveler. The Berlin that I visited and the one you visited but be worlds apart I think. I like it so much better today, but it was interesting to see a part of the wall and to have stayed in former East Berlin in a neighorhood called Mitte. Very unforgettable experience.

      I hope you get a chance to visit again and when you do I would love to hear about your impressions.

      Thanks so much for your comments. Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow ! what a collection of very creative metal statues !

  3. It is such a cool place and what a bummer that it's going to be demolished. I sure hope they find a way to save most of this very cool art. Your photos are fantastic!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi everyone, thanks so much for liking my photos...

    Gattina, I think they are wonderfully creative as well. I was lucky to see a couple of the artists when I was there and they were very nice.

    Tina, thanks so much for liking my photos. :)

    Annie, yes I was kind of surprised when I read those articles. But I think it has been a struggle for years now to keep KT going. Hopefully the displaced artists will find another location to showcase their artwork. Thanks so much and have a great weekend too.

    Thanks again everyone for your comments. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a lovely post, and so interesting Kathy. Great photos!

    What little I know of Berlin, I sense something similar will rise again!

    1. Hi Sandra, oops I'm a little late in comments. Thanks so much for liking my photos. I agree with you, Berlin continues to evolve. Fascinating city.

      Hope it's a little cooler for you in Rome. We seem to have caught the heat wave here lately. Its been sizzling.


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