Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Dream Lives On: Trekcapri's 2012 South America Adventures

Q: Am I excited about visiting South America for the first time?
A: Yes

Q:  Am I nervous?
A:  Yes, but I am also looking forward to this new experience.

Q: Have I been practicing my Spanish?
A: No

Q: Have I done my research and outlined my itinerary?
A: Not really. I have a general idea but no details. :)

Q:  Have I bought my airline tickets yet?
A: Yes

Q: Have I rented my apartment yet?
A: Yes.  I have a nice apartment located in a neighborhood called Palermo Soho which is a hip and trendy location filled with cafes, bars, bookstores, markets, shops, restaurants and it is only two blocks from Plaza Serrano.  I also think it is a safe neighborhood, which was an important must for me in choosing it.

Q: Am I pumped and ready for my Trekcapri's South America Adventures.
A:  Yes.

I am so excited about my first time ever trip to South America.  I'm going from my small town home of Praiano, Italy to the big urban city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Wow, talk about going from one extreme to the other.  

And now that I am 4 months away from trip, I thought I'd better get started in my reserach. :)  And you know I just had to include my traditional trip announcement video. Ha ha!  What can I say, it's tradition.

To help me to research and prepare for my trip, I'll do a few PreTrip posts which is something I learned to do thanks to blogging friend and fellow Slow Traveler, Sandra (Leaping Without a Net). Thanks so much for the trip planning tip Sandra.

And the Dream lives on . . .


  1. Sounds very cool. I'm assuming you'll be going in November - which should be a nice time of the year. We have not been to Argentina so I'm looking forward to hearing about your journey.

    1. Hi Marta, thanks so much. Yes, I'm going in November again, which is the only time that I can leave work for three weeks in a row without hardship to my co-workers. Aregentia is Huge and so diverse. I really wanted to see Patagonia and who knows I might try to make it down there but for sure I want to see Iguazu Falls. :)

      It'll be fun. I'll definitely blog and will write reviews on my apartment and hotels in Iguazu for ST. I found some threads from other ST'ers and will add sights to my own itinerary. I can't wait for the adventures. :)

      Thanks so much for your comments. I wish I had more time to visit Chile like you did but that will have to wait just like Machu Picchu for a next trip.

  2. Argentina! How exciting! It's always good to have the plane ticket bought and out of the way. Have lots of fun planning!

    1. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. My trips don't seem real until I buy my tickets and because of the price fluctuations and unpredictability of the prices it is definitely always good to have it out of the way.

      I've been sort of info gathering for now and will try to get more serious about studying and writing my must see list soon. It's hard when summer beckons my attention these days. :)

      Have a great 4th of July!


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