Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Finale Show - Jessica or Phillip

Tonight, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips perform 3 songs in order to win your votes and become American Idol for Season 11.   

First round, the Idols perform a song chosen for them by show creator, Simon Fuller.  And  here's how it went.

Jessica Sanchez sings I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston.  I love the song choice as it really shows the strength of her vocals.  Great performance.

Phillip Phillips sings Stand by Me by Ben E King. As usual, Phillip gives his own spin on this classic.  I enjoyed it a lot. 

Round two, the contestants choose their favorite song of the season to perform and here's how it went:

Jessica Sanchez sings The Prayer by Celine Dion.  Beautiful performance.

Phillip Phillips sings Moving out by Billy Joel. I thought it was good, but I agree with Steven that Jessica took that round.

Round three the Idols perform what may be their potential winning single and here's how it went:

Jessica Sanchez sings Change Nothing.  I didn't really like the song, but I agree with JLO and Randy that she made the best of it. 

Phillip Phillips sings Home.  I honestly didn't like that song either, but I thought like Jessica he performed it really well. I agree with Steven, I think the song and his performance reminded me a lot of Paul Simon.

So there you have it.  Only one can stand alone on stage as the American Idol Season 11 winner. For me I think that Jessica took Round 2, Phillip took Round 3 and Round 1 was a tie.  I think they are each very talented and deserving of the title and to be honest I would be happy if either of them wins.  

This season has been very entertaining and it's been so much fun recapping each performance show and sharing recaps with fellow Idol fans and blogging friends, Annie (Churches in Venice) and Menehune (Synchronicity).  Thanks so much Annie and M for making Season 11 fun!   

And that's my final Recap for American Idol Season 11.   Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Thanks for all of your recaps - it's been fun and I can't believe we are already at Finale time! Looking forward to tonight's show. I have a feeling that Philip will win but who knows? I wasn't that crazy about the song choices last night - kinda sleepy but both of them did perform well. Now it's just the suspense of waiting to see! Hope you enjoy the show tonight.

  2. Hi Annie, thank so much for sharing your recaps all season. It was a lot of fun. Probably the best group of finalists in AI history. I wish all of them the best. I think Phillip may win too, but I'm still hoping for Jessica to win. I voted about 75 tims last night. :)

    The songs were very sleepy and like you said that both sang really well. The suspense is killing me and I plan to give myself a spoiler and read the east coast results to know who the winner is and then watch the show. :) I hope to see some surprise guest performers and all the top idols return to the stage. Great fun. I also think that Scotty was so good last night too.

    Enjoy the show tonight too. And have a wonderful long Holiday weekend. Yay!

  3. Well, congratulations to Philip! It was very sweet when he broke down and went out to hug his family. I'll be interested to see what kind of career he has.

    I loved when the Idols sang the phone book, LOL! I also loved Joshua and Fantasia - what a great pair they are. Joshua is still my fave from this season.

    It was a fun Finale show. And yes, now we have a long holiday weekend coming up (yay!).

  4. Hi Annie, yes congrats to Philip. It was very touching when he went to hug his family. I thought the phone book singing was hilarious. Randy was a good sport. :)

    Joshua and Fantasia was pretty awesome. I also really loved seeing Niell Diamond and that duet with Jennifer Holiday & Jessica was off the hook!

    Definitely the best group of finalists in AI history. All and all a very good Finale Show.

    Thanks again Annie for all of your recaps too. It was a fun season and now to get ready for the long Holiday weekend and the beginning of summer. Whoo hoo! Have a great long weekend!


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