Friday, February 10, 2012

Saturday's PhotoHunting: Vintage

Ruby's Diner is a really cool vintage themed restaurant.

Love the vintage style signs and decor they have ....

The restaurant is located next to Redondo Beach which is why Ruby sez "Shoes & Shirts Required" and "No Roller Blades".  Can you see Ruby through the window. :)

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  1. I love places like this. Very cool. And it looks like Ruby has on a nice striped vintage dress too! Great take on the theme.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. I love places like this too. I'm glad you can see Ruby. I think the white bow is a nice touch too. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I liked visiting diners in the US. They often have so much character and atmosphere. :)

  4. I never had a chance to visit one when we were there. I think my uncle forgot to put that in the itinerary. :D It feels like stepping into a different time. :D Here's my photo hunt.

  5. You know, you made me realize that I am a living Vintage, because these posters were in fashion when I was 20 ! lol !

  6. Hi Everyone, thanks so much for your comments....

    YTSL, I agree, I love the atmosphere of diners.

    Raine, you'll have to defnitely put a US diner on your itinerary next trip. Burgers (for me Turkey burger:)), fries and a milkshake, Yum

    Gattina, I remember typing on the typewriter which is almost unheard of these day so I am vintage too! :)

    Thank you everyone. Have a great weekend.

  7. What a cool diner! How fun to have a spot like that in your neighbourhood!

  8. Hi Jama, thanks so much for liking my pictures.

    Hi Anne, yes it is fun to have a cool diner in my area to go.

    Thanks so much for your comments Jama & Anne. It was a fun theme. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  9. Ruby's looks like so much fun, Kathy! Hope you have a great week.

  10. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, Ruby is a pretty fun pace to dine.:)

    Have a great week too.


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