Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ABC Wednesday: G is for . . .

~ Gelato ~

Was there any doubt?  :)

Vanilla Gelato at Chez Black in Positano, Italy

Coco Gelato in Amalfi. . .

Best Gelato I had was in the town of Amalfi. You can find it on the main drag.

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  1. Great "G" - I LOVE gelato! My favorite (for now) is mocha chip.

  2. Yum! I had fig gelato in Venice that was amazing. Though I haven't ever had a flavor that I didn't like. Love your choice for "G"!

  3. Yummy... It looks to Good to eat..

    Gigi Ann ABC Wednesday Team

  4. Perfect choice for G!! My memory could be faulty but...I think that is where Mom and I had a gelato the day we spent in Amalfi a few years ago. :)

  5. Gelato -- of course! Great choice. MMmmm-when we were in Florence, Ty and I would try a different flavor every day. It didn't help that the shop was around the corner from our B&B!

  6. Yum; coco gelato sounds (and looks!) divine, Kathy!!!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments . .

    Meryl, I've never tried Mocha chip. I'll have to remember that on my next trip. :)

    Annie, I've never tried fig gelato too before. Now I have two more flavors to check out on my next trip. :)

    Roger, it was very yummy. :)

    Gigi Ann, It is very good. :)

    Anne, it probably was the same place. It's up the street a bit but on the main drag.

    M, a gelato shop around the corner would be bad for me to have.:) I seem to always order the same flavors but I think I will need to be more adventurous and try out other flavors that others like.

    Sandra, coco is my favorite. I also like the little hat on top. :)

    Thanks so much everyone for liking my gelato take on this week's G. :)

  8. OMG! There is nothing better than real Italian gelato! Unfortunately, I can't get my favourite flavour here - pinoli! I just have to go back to Italy to get some more...have a great week,

    abcw team

  9. Hi Leslie, thanks so much for your comments. Pinoli is another flavor I've not tried yet. I will have to put that on my must try list. I haven't tasted a really good gelato where I leave too. I think we both need to try and get back to Italy soon.

    Have a great weekend too.

  10. Gelato... my very favorite food in Italy! I almost missed my train to Milan my last day in Bologna because of the need for just one more gelato! YUM!!

  11. HUH? Don't think my last comment went through. If it did, I apologize for posting it twice.

    Gelato... YUM! My very favorite food in Italy! I almost missed my train to Milan my last day in Bologna because I had to have just one more gelato.

  12. Hi G, thanks so much for your comments. No worries about posting twice. Gelato (next to pizza and Prosecco) is my favorite Italy food too. If I had to miss a train, i think a yummy gelato would be worth it to me. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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