Wednesday, February 1, 2012

ABC WEDNESDAY: C is for . . .

Cactus ~

Before this post I didn't know much about the cactus (Wikipedia) plant other than being poked by them on a couple of occasions while hiking.   And here's a  photo of one of the culprits. 

But the more I read about the cactus, the more I find them to be interesting. For example, there are some species that bear edible fruit such as the prickly pear and in places like Mexico it's cultivation by farmers are quite profitable raking in as much as $150 million each year.  I also read that in some places like Kenya, it is  used to construct a cactus fence to help protect an owner's property and ward off wandering animals.  

But what I find most interesting is how the cactus is able to use their natural make-up to adapt to their hot and dry environments with very little rainfall.    

Yes, what I have grown to really like most about the cactus is that they are a "Survivor".  So the next time I walk by them I intend to show them a little respect . . . plus walk a little further away from them. :) 

Going through my photo library, I remembered these really cool cactus photos that I took, while visiting the famous Bloemenmarkt (Wikipedia) in Amsterdam and so I wanted to feature them for my ABC Wednesday contribution this week.  

They caught my attention because they have these colorful flowers growing out of them which I have never seen in a cactus before. 

Aren't they pretty . . .

Upon closer inspection, they still appear to have those pokey thorns, so be careful. :)

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  1. Cactus are such cool plants. I love them (but also have respect for those thorns!). That's an incredible display you found in Amsterdam; I didn't know they could bloom in so many colors.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  2. Hi Annie, thanks so much for your comments. Aren't those flowers something. I had no idea the cactus could produce such colorful flowers. I took a bunch of photos because they looked pretty cool. And yes much respect to those thorns. :)

    Getting geared up for Superbowl Sunday, so my work week is dragging. :) Have a great week.

  3. The colorful flowers on the cactus are very beautiful. It is interesting how adaptive cactus are. Carver, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. Hi Carver, thanks so much for your comments. Yes, those flowers are surprisingly colorful from a cactus plant. I almost wanted to buy one.

  5. pretty and COLORFUL

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Hi Roger, thanks so much for your comments. The colors just sort of caught my attention and I couldn't walk by without snapping a few photos. :)

  7. Wow I have not seen so many cactus in bloom before...this is an interesting, informative article. thanks.

  8. Those are amazing colors! I always love to find cactus flowers when in Italy. We have cactus here but I don't ever remember seeing flowers (or perhaps they are just the ordinary colors so they don't catch my eye).

  9. Very cool! Great photos, and interesting stuff about cacti. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week :)

  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments . . .

    Island Rambles, I have not seen these colorful cactus before either. It was very cool and I enjoyed learning more about them.

    G, I have not seen any cactus in Italy and like you I have not noticed any like these. In fact, I haven't seen any like these here either. We just have the big ones.

    Anne, glad you liked the info on the cactus. This meme is cool because it is really making me learn as well as get creative. It's fun.

    Thanks again everyone. Have a great weekend.

  11. I enjoyed reading the facts you supplied about cacti. Survivors, eh? I don't believe I have ever before seen so many flowering cacti in one place!

  12. Hi EG Wow, thanks so much for you comments. I've never seen so many flowering and colorful cacti too. It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon them.

    Thanks again. Have a wonderful weekend.


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