Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Amalfi Coast Adventures: Ravello . . .

They say that Ravello is where great artist, musicians and poets enjoy staying because of its positioning high up on the hills where one can be inspired by its magnificent view of the Amalfi Coast. 

So it is only natural that a place like Ravello would attract dreamers like myself as well.
To get to Ravello, I take a Sita bus from Praiano to Amalfi then take another Sita Bus from Amalfi to Ravello.  The ride involved many twists and turns (so what’s new here) and it took about 30 minutes. 

The bus lets you off at Vescovado Square.   A few steps up and through this tunnel, I can immediately see the Duomo and entrance to the Villa Rufalo. I am now in the main Piazza Duomo.

I ask directions and head off toward Villa Cimbrone.  I accidently take the long route through these narrow alleyways which passes through some private homes and villas.  It was a long way to get there but I found it interesting.

As I move along I can hear the donkey’s below.  Apparently workers here use them to carry loads to and from places and I can see why.  It is very hilly here with no main roads. 

And following in the footsteps of Annie, I try to pay attention to the details and of things to look out for along the way.  And I’m rewarded by a couple of wonderful surprises...

Villa Maria’s Organic Garden.  I don’t know what type of vegetable these are but they are huge.

The entrance fee is 6 Euros and they give you this pamphlet which provides you with the main attractions and map to guide you through the grounds. 
The Villa is itself is an historic building dating from the 11th century.  My first stop is the Cloister which is a graceful little courtyard in an Arabian – Sicilian – Norman style.

Next, I walk along the shade of the Avenue of Immensity.  Being that this is November, very few flowers are in bloom but the artistry of the grounds work is still pleasing to the eyes. 

Next is probably one of the most famous photo that I’ve seen in other websites and blogs, The Terrace of Infinity.  This balcony is adorned with these 18th century marble busts and behind them is this incredible view of the Amalfi Coast below.  When you look straight down, you’ll see these lemon groves and terraces.

There is also this beautiful Rose Garden and although it is November and very few flowers are in bloom there were a few here and there which made me imagine how beautiful these gardens must be when all the flowers are in full bloom.

Next I visited the Cathedral (Duomo) which is located in Piazza Duomo.   The entrance fee is 2 euro.  Founded in 1086, there is an Arabic inspired influence.  The bronze doors have a picture on it with 54 scenes of Christ’s life (of course I forgot to take a close up of the doors-may later).  Inside there is an interesting looking marble centerpiece.

I had planned on also seeing Villa Rufolo before leaving but was sort of on sightseeing overload after my long visit at Villa Cimbrone, so I happily became side tracked (aka went shopping and café sitting) then returned home to Praiano.  This is the advantage of knowing that you are here for 3 weeks.  I know that I would have a chance to return to see Villa Rufolo (a definite must see).

My dreams were definitely fulfilled on my visit here  . . . more to come when I return to visit Villa Rufolo.
Thank you everyone for stopping by to read my blog. I have enjoyed reading your comments about my photos.  I'm glad that you are enjoying them.
Well, after my two night day trip to Capri and a long travel day yesterday, I'm ready for some "il dolce far nienete".  I'll be spending the day visiting Praiano. :)


  1. Ravello looks really beautiful -- your photos are wonderful. And I love that little shrine!

  2. Thanks, K, for taking me along - and back to this enchanted place! I hope you are enjoying every step of your way. Your photos do justice to this heavenly place.

  3. That is such a sweet little shrine, I love it!

  4. Great shots - I think that Ravello was my favourite town that we visited on the Amalfi coast. Your post brought back so many happy memories for me.


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