Friday, October 28, 2011

PhotoHunt: Broken

Broken . . . . and yet artistic.

I took this photo in the Sculpture yard behind Kunsthaus Tacheles, an art center in Berlin, Germany.  This place is pretty wild and with an interesting history.  I enjoyed my visit there.

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  1. Interesting! I was hoping it wasn't something related to you until I looked more closely and read your post.

    Yikes, you are really on top of things - already have this post up AND planning a vacation (which I regrettably confess am in desperate need of)!

    Hope you have a wonderfully warm weekend (it snowed here for the first time this season - bah humbug)...

  2. Hi M, thanks so much for your comments. Would you believe that I have all my PhotoHunt posts done already, even the ones while I'm on my trip. One day I was on a role and couldn't stop. I will put those on scheduled posts so it'll be posted each week (just in case I can't manually post them).

    Snow already. We're having a very late winter (warm weather days still), but it is cooling off a bit this past week. Should be very nice.

    Have a wonderful weekend too (even with the snow).

  3. That's a cool photo. And it even has snow!

    I know you are counting down the days/hours/minutes until your return to Italy. Not too much longer now. That is cool that you've already got your PhotoHunt posts ready!

    Have a good Halloween weekend.

  4. Berlin, a major city of culture! I've visited it too -- but, unlike you, it was during the height of summer! :)

  5. Hi girls, thanks so much for your comments....

    Annie, yes, the snow was a very cool touch. :) I can't beleive my trip is coming up. And yes like M, I feel like I can really use a vacation. :) I'm glad that I also did my Photohunt posts already even during my trip.:) Have a great Halloween weekend too.

    YTSL, yes I agree, Berlin is a wonderful city with so much history, art and culture. And the people are very nice too. I would love to return again and maybe visit in warmer months. :)

    Thanks Annie & YTSL, have a wonderful weekend.


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