Sunday, May 15, 2011

Travel Thoughts: The special finds I found in Italy . . .

While exploring around the town of Monterosso Al Mare in the Cinque Terre, I stumbled upon this small off the beaten path alley.  It felt good to be away from the crowds in this popular town.  But I wasn't alone. :)


  1. Gorgeous photo! I love stumbling across quiet corners and streets, and feeling like a marvellous place is all mine!

    Hope all is well with you!! My life has been a blur the past couple months, between super-busy time at work plus all my church stuff. Have my last interview on Wed before being named a Candidate for Ministry (yes, that is still on going...what a long and tedious process too, the church is worse than government for bureaucracy!!)

  2. It took me awhile but....LOL!

  3. Ha ha, what a cute little fluff ball!

  4. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments...

    Anne, I love those quiet places too and that feeling of calm and peace and contemplation, especially when in Italy.

    I can only imagine how busy you must be lately. I'm so glad to hear from you and to know that you're final interview before being named a Candidate for Ministry is very near. A long journey and one that you were meant to take. All my best to you on Wednesday. After such a busy past few months I'm sure your upcoming trip to Italy will be a welcome change and a chance to rest and relax and what a wonderful place to do it in.

    M, LOL ... I'm glad you saw my special discovery.

    Annie, my cute little fluff ball. :) (love that term). As the person taking the photos, I'm usually the one observing and it was funny to have the tables turned around on me and have this curious face observing me for a change. Great fun.

    Thanks so much girls for your comments. I'm glad you liked my little surprise discovery as much as I did.

    Have a wonderful week.

  5. What a cute little fluff ball -- but what a precarious position he's in! Still, I'll bet he loves being up there, above everyone else!

  6. Hi Sandra, yes I think my little fluff ball loves his high perch where he has a great view of his alley and even catch a stray tourist come by every now and then. :)

    Thanks so much for your comments. Hope you have a wonderful evening. Have you started packing yet for your trip?


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