Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Travel Thoughts: A place I once called home . . .

No matter where my journey takes me to in this world, I will always remember the comfort and joy
I felt in the places I visited
--and briefly called home.


  1. Great the juxtaposition of the photo with the verse! Ready for AI tonight?

  2. Great photo Kathy - reminds me so much of "Local Hero"! I watched that movie again not long it so much.

  3. Hi Girls, thanks so much for your comments...

    M, :0 Glad you liked the quote, but I can't take full credit for it. I got the idea after watching this wonderful movie called Local Hero that Annie recommended to me before I left for Scotland. You must add it to your movie list next to Kinky boots if you haven't already seen it. It is a very cool movie. And at the end of the movie the character calls the red phone booth that he used while in Scotland as a way to transport him back to a time and place where he grew to love and call home. One of my favorite movie scenes of all time. And yes I am so ready for AI tonight. Now that I like the top 13, it's going to get tough seeing people get eliminated week after week. But I'm looking forward to the performances.

    Annie, thanks for liking my photo. I've posted it before but just had to use it again for this post. Thank you so much again for recommending that movie, I need to watch it again. Once in awhile to remember my trip to Scotland I'll watch some youtube clips of the movie and it is pretty accurate to the kind of "low key" lifestyle in the smaller villages there. It's a great comedy with a wonderful message. Home is pretty much a state of mind and a sense of comfort, joy and belonging. Which I seem to find more and more while traveling, by following the ST way and staying longer in places. I hope to continue to do more of that. I would love to just stay in one place for three weeks straight. I've done two (Venice & Amsterdam) and loved it, but have not done the entire three weeks. :)

    Thanks so much M & Annie, enjoy AI tonight!


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