Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Idol: The City by the Bay delivers . . .

Unlike it's crazy and delusional LA sister to the south, the City of San Francisco delivers on the talent in last night's auditions. James Durbin who is diagnosed with Tourette and Asperger's Syndrome lost his musician father to a drug overdose when he was 9 years old and was raised by his mom along with his other sibling.  He has a young baby boy himself and is struggling day to day to make ends meet. You can't help but root for him just based on his storyline itself.  But on a show that opened up with last year's Star San Francisco contestant, Adam Lambert, James also delivered with a great performance of Led Zeppelin's You Shook Me.  I'm really hoping he goes far in this competition!

Emily Anne Reed, who's house burned down recently, sang "You're Getting to Be a Habit with me" which I had never heard of before and with a voice and a Frank Sinatra like old school style.  Steven Tlyer said no, Randy said yes and J-Lo was a hesitant turned positive yes.  I actually really liked her because she is so different and unique.

And the big fashion appearance for the night came from Julie Zorrilla for her cool and shiny shoes.  Her family fled from Columbia years ago to escape the ongoing war and have made a life for themselves here in the United States.  I thought she had a good voice on top of good fashion sense.  And finally, Clint Jun Gamboa, a Karaoke DJ host from Long Beach wows the judges with his performance of McCoy and Bruno Mars' Billionaire.

And creative props go to Drew Beaumier who dressed up in a Transformers suit. Not a great singing performance but I thought the outfit was very cool and it definitely surpassed Austin's 7 foot Armadillo as far as costumes go for this season. :)

So that's a wrap on American Idol's Season 10 Auditions and we are off to Hollywood to get it down to the top 12 contestants.  It's tough to choose among the many great singers that made it through the auditions, but based upon the ones who received "air" time, here are my top 12 pics . . .

Lauren Alaina
Naima Adedapo
James Durbin
Jacee Badeuax
Chris Medina
Jordan Dorsey
Travis Orlando
Melinda Ademi
Paris Tassin
Clint Jun Gamboa
Julie Zorrilla
Emily Anne Reed

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Thanks for the recap Kathy. I wasn't able to watch the whole show but did see the Transformer guy - very cool! I'm looking forward to Hollywood week and getting to hear some of these people again.

  2. Hi Annie, you're very welcome. :) The transformer guy was pretty cool. Best costume of the season I think. Can't wait to see the other contestants that didn't get air time and hearing my favorites again. I hope at least my top 5 get in.

    Thanks so much for your comments and have a good evening.


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