Friday, December 17, 2010

PhotoHunt: Male

A very popular male figure these days . . . .

This is a repost,  but I just love this photo! :)

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply "Santa", is a figure which was derived from the Dutch figure of Sinterklaas, a historical, legendary figure who in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24 or on his Feast Day, Decemter 6 (Saint Nicholas Day). ~ Wikipedia.

And isn't it nice that you can get some Spanish Churros from Santa too! :)  I took these photos in a cool place called Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam.


  1. Ho, ho, ho, a sweet male figure!!

  2. Santa is the perfect male this time of year. Love your photos! Have a great weekend and happy holidays!

  3. Those first two photos are really funny! Re the second photo: er... did that Santa have too much to drink? ;D

  4. Ho, ho and here I was hoping it was a 'hottie' post from you :0). Hope you are now functioning in our time zone! Happy weekend, M

  5. Hi Kathy, I love your photo collection of Santa and it is perfect for this week.

  6. Did you know...Kris Kringle made his appearance during the Protestant Reformation? The Protestants of the day were against the Roman Catholic veneration of saints and banned St. Nicolas aka Sinterklaas aka Santa Claus, BUT did not want to lose the tradition that had grown around St Nic, so they came up with christkindl, the German for Christ Child. (That's what I have heard anyway, and makes sense to me!)

    Merry Christmas to you!!!

  7. Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments . . . I had some pretty bad internet connection while on the road with my sis and I tried to check in and tweet as much as I could....

    Mar, yes he is such a loveable male figure...:)

    Annie, thanks for liking my photos. I had several ways to go for this week but Santa was just such a fun choice for me. :)

    YTSL, I love the first two photo especially that second one. I think the Dutch has such a wonderful sense of humor putting Santa riding the reindeer with a beer in hand looking a little tipsey. :)

    M, your comment made me laugh. Well, I guess Santa could be a hottie in a jolly, gift giving kind of way. :) It took me a week and a half to really get back in the right zone but I finally made it back. :)

    Maya, thanks for liking my Santa collection. I had more but these were my favorites.

    Anne, that's very interesting about the historical background. I did not know about that. I'm so glad that they kept the tradition going. Merry Christmas to you too!

    Thanks again everyone and hope you are all having the most wonderful of Holidays.

  8. Me again, Annie & M, I had a American Idol Sighting while in Vegas. My sister bought tickets for us to see the ELVIS Cirque du Soleil show at the Aria Hotel and guess who made her debut. Carly Smithson, American Idol, from Season 7 (David Cook won that year). She sang Love me tender and One Night and she was pretty good. We had the front row seats and she sang right in front of us and it was pretty cool. As big of a fan as I am, she is the first American Idol Contestant that I have seen perform live. :)


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