Thursday, December 2, 2010

Berlin: Berlin Cathedral, Snow, and a few Hot Mulled Wine . . .

Today, nearly a foot of snow fell on Berlin but I loved it because it was warmer than yesterday and the wind wasn't so piercing.

Today I decided to return to visit the interior of the Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral).

The Berliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) dates back to the 1900's.  It was heavily bombed in World War II and remained in ruins until the 1970's when renovation began.

Here is the actual front view of the Catherdral . . .

Here are some interior shots . . . It also has a beautiful big organ.   If you climb up the stairs you can have a great view below.

My traditional lit candles for some very special people . . .

Next, I wanted to check out the famous Ka De We (Kaufhaus des Westens) department store where I made a B-line for the 6th floor to find the largest food hall in Europe.

There are 30 places to eat from . . . . I ate here . . . .


The food this chef prepared was so delicious . . .

There are 400 types of Bread and rolls . . .

there are 1,300 types of cheese, 1,200 sausages and cold cuts, 240 dessedrts and 2,400 wines from five continents. It  was very impressive.

Next I stopped by the Gendarmenmarkt which is a delightful and historic square. They have a very beautiful Christmas Market here but you have to pay 1 euro to gain entrance to the actual market.  I decided to have a little hot toddy instead. :)

Seems like everyone stopped off in Alexanderplatz for some hot mulled wine, yummy! :)

So I decided to have another one!

Adorable . . .

These three locals were cool . . .

So after a very delicious spaghetti dish, one prosecco and two hot mulled wine I'm feeling  pretty good.  I had a fabulous day in snowy Berlin!  Great idea on the hot mulled (toddy) wine Shannon. It is a fun way to hang with the locals. :)


  1. What a wonderful looking market. And the Cathedral is stunning!

    Are you enjoying the snow, Kathy? It's old hat to anyone in Canada, but I don't imagine you normally see much (living in California!)

  2. Ahh... Gluhwein. It is soooo good on those cold days. We went to Koln about this time when I was in Holland. Almost froze my a## off. Thank god for gluhwein.

    But I am quite surprised at the amount of snow. Shows how much I know about Berlin!

  3. Oh yeah.. that food court looks magnificent.

  4. You went out in THAT? BRAVA. I probably would have made it as far as the nearest pub if at all.

    You are a trooper! I know you will not want to leave, so I am hoping you have a fantastic last couple of days there. Tomorrow is the farmers market in Schoenburg - it is in Winterfeldtplatz. It is worth checking out and there are lots of cafes around there too for the aftermarket toddy. :)

  5. Hi everyone thanks so much for your comments,

    Sandra, kudos to all of you who cope with such cold weather, I lived in eastern Washington state years ago and knew it was going to be tempoary. :) I can be in it for a while but I'm a sunny all year round kind of person.:)

    Marta, the Gluhwein is very yummy and not too strong which is why I can manage two. :). I didn't mind the snow as much as that bitter wind like the day before. It was actualy warmer when it snowed. Today it stopped snowing and is a little colder tha. Yesterday. But the locals are so used to it they are out now snowslrddingin the park..

    Shannon thanks for the tip, I shall try to make it there. I saw it the other day when I took the hop on hop off bus or i think that's the place. I decided to chill today a bit. Kind of walked around my neighborhood taking photos so will be up to exploring again. And I'm always up for another hot toddy. :) it snowed heavily for most of the day then stopped by early evening. Made the Christmas markets look even more christmasy. :)

    Thanks again everyone ...

  6. The cathedral looks amazing. Love seeing all your photos. I might have to make some hot mulled wine this weekend! Hope you have a good weekend too.

  7. I loooove Ka-Da-We -- in particular its cold cuts, cheeses AND pickled stuff (including pickled herring)! :)

  8. Hi Annie and YTSL, thanks so much for your comments

    Annie the cathedral was amazing inside so Im glad I returned to see it. Hope you enjoy your hot toddy.

    YTSL,, the Ka da we was amazing reminded me of macy's in New York. Their croissants were delicious and the food excellent. Something you don't expect of a department store.

  9. Missed this post the first time around. Great shots - the cathedral is stunning. It does look cold there - but I think the snow just seems to add to the beauty of your photos. Glad you seem to be enjoying the life of a pseudo-Berliner!


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