Friday, December 10, 2010

Amsterdam: A Wedding Serenade . . .

A blue convertible drives up,
stops in the middle of a busy street.
A 3-member rock band jumps out,
and quickly sets up their equipment.
The band then begins to serenade
(along with their guests & bystanders)
this happy couple who just got married . . .

I Love it!


  1. LOVE it!!! Especially since that is one of my favourite songs!

    Just wrote a comment to Annie that I forgot you and she are not on Facebook (or not that I know of!) so might be wondering where I've been lately. I'll write an entry soon with pics, but as a quick update, we were in a car accident a couple weeks ago and has been time consuming getting sorted out with insurance etc, even though wasn't our fault. Thankfully we all escaped without serious injury, just whiplash. Our car was written off though, but we finally got our insurance settlement this week, and have now purchased a new (to us) replacement car.

    Can't wait to catch up on your trip entries, I have read some but not all. I never knew how Checkpoint Charlie got that name! Very interesting.

    Enjoy your weekend, Kathy!!

  2. Wow -- that's a pretty rockin' wedding!

  3. Hi Anne, when I heard them singing this first song I thought of you! I'm so sorry that you got into an accident. Whiplash sounds painful, but I am very relieved that you all escaped serious injury. I'm not on facebook so had no idea. Thank you so much for sharing what happened in your comments. Please take care and have a speedy recovery from your whiplash injuries. No worries about reading all of my entries. I kind of wrote a lot. Yes, the name for checkpoint charlie was interesting to me too.

    Hi Sandra, that was definitely a rocking wedding. I thought it was so fun to watch too, especially when they were all serenading the couple. Very cool!

    Thanks so much for your comments Anne & Sandra. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. What fun for both the wedded couple and the bystanders. Love the spontaneity of it all!

  5. Hi M, yes they looked like they were quite happy and their guests and us bystanders were happy too. It was great fun to watch and especially to hear everyone singing. :)


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