Friday, November 5, 2010

PhotoHunt: Alive

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music . . . It's a stretch for this week's theme, but I just couldn't help myself.  :)

In 2006 I happen to read fellow Slow Traveler, Kaydee's, blog about her family's experience taking the Sound of Music Tour during their visit to Salzburg, Austria.  I'm a huge SOM fan so I decided to travel to Salzburg and take this tour too.  The SOM tour experience is one of my best all time travel memory.

This is the famous location (Mirabell  Gardens) where Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music hit that super high note at the end of teaching the Von Trapp children to sing the song, Do Re Mi.  I just had to pick an SOM shot after learning last week that this is the movie's 45th Year Anniversary (Wikipedia) from fellow SOM fan, AnnieNC.  And another fellow SOM fan, Marta commented on last week's photohunt post after reading Annie's SOM comments that she once worked with the actor who played Kurt in the movie. Very cool!  Thanks so much Kaydee, Annie and Marta for sharing.

Here's a really cool video I learned about on my favorite Travel website, Slow Talk. A group of dancers staged a performance to the song Do Re Mi  at the Antwerp Centraal Station in Belgium.  It's pretty cool! And guess who will be stopping through this station on her way to the beautiful town of Bruges. :) 

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  1. I love your take on the theme. How perfect. That is so cool that Marta worked with Kurt! I'd glad you enjoyed the Oprah reunion show. I need to watch the movie again soon to celebrate the anniversary. Have a great weekend (your trip is coming up soon, isn't it?).

  2. Hi Annie, thank you so much for alerting me to the anniversary and Oprah's show. I watched it twice.

    I think it is so cool that Marta once worked with the actor that played Kurt too. And apparently he was very low key about it which is pretty cool. After watching Oprah's show I watched the movie again and that opening scene gave me my theme idea. :). So you helped me a lot with selecting this week's choice.

    I leave next Friday. Wow, time sure does fly. :) Have a great weekend too.

  3. I LOVE SoM!!! I must watch it very soon. Thanks for this, love the video, very cool. Now my heart is alive with the sound of music...

    Have an awesome weekend, Kathy!

  4. Hi Kathy,
    Love your take on the theme. A SOM tour of Salzburg sounds like fun--I wish I had thought about it when we were there! Oh well, maybe there will be a next time.
    You must be getting excited about your trip. I can't wait to hear about it.
    I've been back in Adelaide for just over a week. The trip was long, but I like the almost 15 hour flight since I can get lots of sleep. It feels good to be home.
    Have a good weekend.

  5. Hi Anne, cool . . another SoM fan. I can watch that movie every year and not get tired...I just love that video too and I've watched it several times. :) Thanks so much for comments and have an awesome weekend too!

    Hi Maya, thanks so much for liking my take on the theme. Yes, next time, you must go on the SOM tour because you will have fun. In fact, if I am lucky enough to travel there again, I would still take the tour. :) Oh cool, home sweet home I say. As much as I love traveling a part of me is always very happy to come home. Wow, 15 hours is such a long trip . . . I'm glad you made it home safe and sound.

    Have a great weekend too and enjoying catching up with things back home.

  6. I went on the Sound of Music tour when visiting Salzburg too! Cheesey but fun! :D

  7. LOL - the hills are alive - what a perfect place to take this theme. I confess to not having seen the movie until about 10 years ago when I got dragged to a staff sing-a-long sound of music thing. Lord, what a trip that was!

    Have a great weekend.

    The beaches of california will be alive with this great weather.

  8. Hi YSTL, I especially loved the sing-a-long of Do Re Mi on the bus ride back. Cheesy but a lot of fun. :)I was so amazed at the seeing so many fellow SOM fans on that tour. People from all walks of life and ages around the world. It was an pretty cool. I felt like I was among my own kind.... He, he.

    Hi Jerry, wow you never watched until 10 years ago. I practically grew up with the movie. i don't know if the staff sing along gave you a good impression of the movie or not. I guess it would depend how well the people sang. :)

    The weather is great (unusually warm) for this time of the year. I just checked out your PH, sounds like you're getting into the Southern California swing of things down in San Diego. Have a wonderful vacation. Are you hanging with S. I haven't been to San Diego in several years but I remember it to be a wonderful place to visit and hang out. In fact, I was supposed to attend the SD GTG, but sadly work committments got in the way. Enjoy your vacation and our warm weather. :)

  9. I love your take on the theme. I was hoping you were watching the Oprah special. I only found out about it 5 mins before it started. Fantastic show!

    I still regret not going on the tour when I was in Salzburg. I did have the next best thing though - a local who took me to all the movie location spots. Funny thing is he has never seen the movie!

  10. ps... forgot to add ~ Have a FANTASTIC time on your trip! Can't wait to read about all the fun you will have and see some of your photos.

  11. Hi Girasoli, thanks so much for your comments. I'm pretty excited and will gladly share my photos and experiences. May even do more tweeting this time so I move my Twitter feed up a little (just in case I do). I have wi-fi in all lodgings this year so it will make it much more convenient to post.

    I just heard from the landlord of my apartment in Amsterdam and the apartment will be ready early so she said that I can check in as soon as I arrive which is around noon time, plenty of daylight time to start exploring. :) I'm sooooo excited.

    Thanks again and hope you enjoy my blog posts and tweets.

  12. Bon voyage! Buon viaggio! Hebben een goede reis! Eine gute Fahrt! (Thank goodness for the internet..)

  13. Hi M, Danke! :) Thanks so much for all of your wonderful words of encouragements M. I'll be checking in next from Amsterdam...but first I'll post my Photo Hunt and traditional send off post. :)

    Auf wiedersehen ...


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