Tuesday, November 16, 2010

if it's Tuesday, I must Be in Belgium . . .

After a Long train ride and a missed connection I arrived safe and sound in the beautiful City of Brugge. I caught the later train leaving at 8:53 am rather than 6:53 am because well I had distractions and got "home" to my apartment very late or early depending on your perspective.

And I won' t dwell too much on how I missed my train connection in Antwerp only because it gave me the chance to see the section of the station where they filmed that staged performance of SOM'S famous song Do Re Mi! Very cool, If that isn't the behavior of a huge SOM fan I don't know what is.

The city's main center is filled with cobblestones and is a maze of canals, colorful houses and there are more than a handful of churches here. Other than Venice, Italy, I can't think of anywhere else where I've seen so many wonderful old churches. The highlight of today so far besides those yummy Belgium chocolates (caramel light) was seeing the Church of Our Lady where Michelangelo's famous white marble statue of Madonna and Child can be seen. It is stunning and it is everything I imagined it would be to see it in person. They played music of monks chanting in the church and I felt so spiritually uplifted. This church definitely "touched" me. I lit some candles for some special people and before leaving I visited with the statue again. All I can say is Michelangelo is a genius. Thank you so much for this very special treat.

The town is a magnet for budding photographers, I haven't seen this many cameras and tripods in a long time. I enjoyed today's explorations, got super lost a couple of times which is why I only managed to do couple of things on my agenda, well three if you count the chocolates thank I bought to console my aching feet. He he

And now to tweet my photo of Michelangelo's beautiful statue.

I'm not able to post photos on this program but will when I get back to Amsterdam. Meanwhile I hope you enjoy the photos I tweeted.

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Location:Brugge, Belgium


  1. Sounds like you are having fun and going with the flow. I think later trains were made so that we can go with fun distractions when we find them. One of my favorite parts of travel is getting lost and seeing that which wasn't really on the agenda.

  2. Chocolates to console your aching feet - too funny!! Brugge sounds wonderful, can't wait to see your photos. Glad you were able to make the most of your missed connection!

  3. I saw your photos on Twitter - beautiful. You are right it is a very photogenic city. And the chocolate ain't bad either. ;)

  4. I saw the photo too. It's so beautiful. Sounds like you're having a fun adventure. Understand all about those aching feet we get in Europe, ha ha!

  5. yea, sounds like your having too much fun. Be Safe and continue to blog.

  6. I can't wait to see your photos from Brugge, Kathy. It sounds lovely. And visiting the Church of Our Lady -- particularly, seeing the Michelangelo -- must have been a wonderful experience. Thanks for blogging, I hope you're having a great time!


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