Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Berlin: A commercial break . . .

Today looks and feels a lot colder than yesterday. I have more to blog on the sights I've seen so far and will be seeing today, but felt like having a commercial break this morning.

First of all, I want to say this to anyone who is interested in planning a trip to the fabulous city of Berlin in the near future. If at all possible, try to plan on a minimum of a week preferrably at least two. I was very spoiled in Amsterdam knowing I had two full weeks to explore and experience the city.

I hope to see as many of my must see sights by Thursday so I can leave Friday and Saturday as fun exploration days. 

I've had great inspiration and tips on Berlin from Shannon, Sandra and Maya and they have really helped me to focus one the "experience" part of my travel. I can get so caught up on the checklist aspect of travel that I can forget about the other special moments and experiences that are a part of the travel experience.  Thanks to all my blogging friends for reminding me of this. As a result I have really enjoyed my time in Amsterdam and Belgium and I'm enjoying my time here in Berlin.  

The other day while visiting the Eastside Gallery, I stumbled into this little "yard" looking place right before the gallery. The bright colors and wonderful murals caught my attention and I walked in. I saw a couple of guys and asked them what this place was and they went on to tell me about it. It is this very cool Youth African Art Market (YAAM). When they are open they have food and sell products and have music. It was so cool listening to them describe the place and I actually enjoyed talking with them. I only wished I was here when it was open.  I asked and they said it was okay for me to take photos which I did.

Blogging friend, Menehune once commented to me to "leave myself open".  Sometimes I can get so caught up in getting to my checklist that I can overlook the small pleasures and surprising discoveries that can be had when traveling. I'm glad I didn't pass this place by . . . 

And now for a Hottie break ...

And a (food) break . . . I don't eat pork but I enjoy seeing how they prepare these sausage dishes at the Christmas market.

Well, that's my stop and smell the roses commercial break.  Berlin is a wonderful city to experience so many things, history and great landmarks but it is also a fascinating and excellent place to just absorb and enjoy life.

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