Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Idols take on Frank Sinatra songs. . .

Last night, the top five Idols took on the songs of Frank Sinatra. And appropriately, Harry Connick, Jr. was the mentor and I thought he was great. I loved how he actually became a part of their performances by writing the arrangements and playing the piano during their performances. That was very different and cool.

And here's how it went:

Aaron Kelly sings one of my favorite Sinatra songs, Fly Me to the Moon. Although I liked Harry's arrangement, I wasn't a fan of Aaron's performance. It wasn't horribly bad, but it wasn't overly great either.

Casey James sings Blue Skies and I actually liked it. It wasn't his best performance but I didn't think it was his worst. I felt so bad for him during the judges comments.

Crystal Bowersox sings Summer Wind and although its sort of not the type of genre that I like to see her perform in, I still really liked it. Like Ellen said, the great thing about Crystal is that she can sing just about anything and be really good. I think that it's cool that she chose a song which has meaning in her life, but I also have to agree with Simon a little in that the contestants have to perform songs that will play out well on stage and to the audience too.

Michael Lynche sings The Way You Look Tonight and I really loved his performance. Love the song choice for him and loved Harry's arrangement.

Lee DeWyze performs That's Life and I thought he did a great job. And I agree with Simon that we saw a little more of his personality and it was cool.

Final five and we're getting down to the wire for the next new American Idol. Whoo Hoo! It's hard for me to make my usual top and bottom predictions at this stage of the competition, so I'll just wish them all the best for tonight's results show.

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . . .


  1. I love Sinatra, so I really enjoyed last night's show. And Harry Connick was such an awesome judge. No clue who will go home tonight, just hope that it isn't Crystal.

  2. I lvoed this "ole blue eye's" segment. And agree with you on Harry Connick - he was a fantastic mentor and seemed quite sincere with his tutelage and his comments on stage. Interesting to see what will happen this evening. It's kinda sad to see them leave now since we've sort of got to 'know' them :-) I'm still secretly cheering the authenticity of Sioban. She will do okay, I hope! I think they are extremely hard on Crystal. Thanks for the recap, Kathy.

  3. Hi Annie, I enjoyed last night's show a lot too. I was kind of surprised no one sang "My Way" which is my most favorite song. I actually liked it when Elvis sang it as well. I thought Harry was exceptional like Adam was. I voted as much as I could for Crystal last night so I hope she makes it through too.

    Hi M, I thought Harry was great and I found his comments to the Idols spot on. I find it so hard to see the Idols leave that I find it hard to watch the results show. I was sad to see Sioban leave. Some of the most successful Idols didn't win and some didn't even finish top 5. I hope she'll join that club.

    Thanks again Annie & M, if I don't get a chance to say it, have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend...

  4. Kathy, I'm not a huge Sinatra fan, but for some reason, I have always loved Fly Me to the Moon!

  5. Hi Sandra, thanks so much for your comments. It's cool that you love Fly me to the Moon too. It has such a catchy happy tune and it is one of my favorites. I sort of like My Way too. :)

    Have a great week!


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