Tuesday, May 11, 2010

American Idol Season 9: Final Four goes to the Movies . . . .

Tonight we're down to the final four and with the help of mentor Jamie Foxx the Idols will perform songs from the movies.

Both myself and Menehune in her blog, Synchronicity, made a song wish list that we had hoped the Idols would perform in tonight's show. And Annie (Churches in Venice) who is also an AI fan thought that both our lists were great choices. For M, two of her songs were performed which is really cool. Kiss from a Rose which she picked for Big Mike was performed by Lee and I'm Alright which she picked for Lee was performed by Crystal. And as for me, none of my songs were picked. He, he! I thought it was fun making our song wish lists and then seeing what the Idols ended up choosing.

And so how did the Idols do with their all important song choices. Well, here's how I felt the night went:

Lee DeWyze sings Kiss From a Rose (from Batman Forever). M chose this song for Michael and after hearing Lee's performance, M was totally right. Lee has been one of my favorites, but tonight wasn't one of his best performances. And it was definitely based more on his song choice than his talent. In fact, I thought he performed better during the duet where he was luckily paired with Crystal. They sang Falling Slowly from the movie Once and they were hot! For Lee, this song suited his style much better than his solo song choice and it showed in his performance. And btw, Crystal was great in the duet too.

Michael Lynche sings Will You Be There (Free Willy)and I thought he did pretty good, but I'd have to agree with the judges and with M's song choice for Michael. I think he would've done much better with a romantic R&B classic like A Kiss from a Rose.

Casey James sings Mrs. Robinson from The Graduate. Well, the good news is he did make it an acoustic performance. But the bad news . . . it wasn't the right song choice for him. Now, in the duet with Michael, Casey sang the one song that I did pick :), Every Man Loves a Woman, and was so much better than his solo performance. In fact, they both were better. I think he would've been really good singing M's Eye of the Tiger too.

And saving the best for last. Crystal Bowersox sings I'm Alright from the movie Caddyshack and she totally nailed this song. M's choice of this upbeat song was spot on right and it's so cool that Crystal recognized the merits of this song. I think she would've nailed Let the River Run and Time of My Life too. Tonight Crystal brought back that powerful, bluesy Janis Joplin like voice of hers that we have all been missing. I loved the song choice and I loved her performance!

So now, I'm off to vote for my favorite.

And that's my Recap. Keep on Rocking AI . . .


  1. Thank you for the recap and all the thoughts. I missed the show so this was a great help. Love the movie "Once" and wish I could've heard the duet.

  2. Hi Barb, you're very welcome. I love that movie too and it has sort of moved visiting Ireland up on my must see list after watching it. I loved that song a lot and Kris Allen's version was really good last year. The duet performance with Lee and Crystal was excellent! You might be able to view the performance on Youtube or on i-tunes maybe tomorrow if you want to hear it. It was pretty good.

    Thanks so much for your comments Barb.

  3. Going to be very interesting to see who goes home. I feel pretty sure that it will be one of the guys but I don't know which one. Crystal should definitely be safe!

  4. Hi Annie, I agree with you. I think it will be very interesting who goes home tonight. Based on their performances, I think Crystal was the best and should stay. It's so hard to see any of them leave at this stage. But I think these top 4 will hopefully have great post Idol careers. I'm going to sneak a peak at the results before it airs here. :)

  5. Well, it's goodbye for Mike. I felt the final four were definitely strong contenders. It's sad to see someone go. On the other hand, it was nice to see the past Idol winners revisit and listen to them as 'artists' now. The song choice was a fun idea, K. Mahalo!

  6. Hi M, it was very sad to see Mike leave especially since he wanted to finish top three but I think he is very talented and I hope he'll have a successful singing career. I also enjoyed seeing Fantasia and Chris back on stage and they look and sound fantastic. And now there are three . . .

  7. Hi K: Apparently, this week the judge's pick one song for each of the remaining contestants to sing along with one other song of their choice (at least I think I read it that way). Should be interesting!

  8. Hi M, you're totally right. I found the judges picks on the Idol Chatter blog. Simon picked Leonard Cohen's Halelujah for Lee, Ellen picked Paul McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed for Crystal and Randy and Kara picked John Mayor's Daughters for Casey. And we'll find out what the idols picked for themselves tonight. Should be very interesting. I'm pretty excited for tonight's show. :)


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